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Leicester’s trip to Torquay carries good omen…

City’s 2012-13 season gets off to something of a false start with a League Cup trip to Torquay United tonight…

The last time City were involved in a League Cup game before the League kicked off was over three decades ago…

In 1979-80 Jock Wallace’s side got off to a stuttering start with defeats in both legs of a first round tie with Rotherham United.
Although Alan Young scored on his full debut for City we lost the first leg at Filbert Street 2-1, and were then well beaten at Millmoor with Rodney Fern coming back to haunt us with a couple of goals in a 3-0 win for the Millers.

However, by the time the league programme began City were more prepared, beating Watford 2-0 at home, with two more goals for Young.
And Jock’s team went on to win the Second Division title that season…


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Thirty Years Ago – Goodbye to Jock

Thirty years ago this week Leicester City fans were shocked by the news that Jock Wallace had returned to Scotland after four highly eventful seasons in charge at Filbert Street… 

The man who had pulled the club up by its collar and got them promoted by sheer force of will had left a huge impression on Leicester supporters, who were devastated to hear Motherwell announcing him as their new manager on July 15 1982.

The Leicester Mercury reported: “Motherwell expect to name Jock Wallace as their new manager tomorrow afternoon regardless of Leicester City’s attempts to keep him at Filbert Street. But, as the wrangle moved out of the board rooms into law offices, the Scottish Premier League club’s directors were unavailable for further comment and the whereabouts of Wallace himself are unknown. Yesterday, City refused to accept Wallace’s resignation, hoping to make him abide by the conditions of his contract, and they said they had reported Motherwell to the Football League for an irregular approach…”

City may have lost Wallace, but that didn’t stop them getting promoted back to the First Division in 1982-83 under Gordon Milne.

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Here Be Dragons….

“HERE BE DRAGONS…” was the legend used on medieval maps to warn people away from unexplored territories…

As far as Leicester City are concerned it might as well be written on the ‘Welcome to Wales– Croeso I Gymru’ sign, because it really isn’t a happy hunting ground for the Foxes, and the thought of two trips in a week doesn’t fill me with optimism.

City have never had much luck in the Principality, our proud unbeaten run in 2010-11 came to an end at the Cardiff City Stadium one Tuesday night.  There was no reward for the loyal band of fans that followed City across Europe…one describing the return journey as taking: “Three and three-quarter hours after four motorway closures, four diversions and 196 miles.”
That 2-0 defeat matched the one at Swansea in October, following on from the previous season’s even more miserable showing.
Nigel Pearson’s side lost at Swansea and Cardiff in the league, then were knocked out of the FA Cup with a 4-2 defeat at Cardiff and then played at the Cardiff City Stadium yet again in the play-off semi-final. Now, technically, that was a fantastic 3-2 win for City, but that was soon forgotten when Yann Kermorgant dinked his infamous penalty at Bluebirds’ keeper David Marshall.

Looking back, it seems that a highlights DVD of City’s triumphs in the land of mountains, valleys and castles would be very, very short.

* 1961-62 – Going back into the mists of time, a 4-0 win at Cardiff (Cheeseborough 2, Keyworth, King).
* 1979-80 – Left-back Dennis Rofe produced two 40 yard efforts at the Vetch Field to beat Swansea 2-0.
* 1979-80 – A 1-0 win at Ninian Park with a Bobby Smith goal helping Jock Wallace’s side towards the Division Two title.
* 1979-80 – A superb long range free-kick from Eddie Kelly was enough to beat Wrexham at the Racecourse Ground and put City on top of Division Two.
* 1986-87 – A 2-0 League Cup win at Swansea, with goals from Gary McAllister and Alan Smith sealing a first leg victory for Bryan Hamilton’s City. The joy of which was somewhat tempered as we were chased across a garage forecourt by inflamed natives.
* 2005-06 – A low key 1-0 League Cup win at Cardiff thanks to a goal from Nils Eric Johansson.
* 2007-08 – A 1-0 win at Ninian Park thanks to a bizarre own goal from Darren Purse.

And that’s it. Apart from one, glorious, Dragon-slaying season under Jock Wallace we have very little to show from our trips to Wales in the last half century… but new season new players eh?
Perhaps this season could be different…. perhaps…


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The Last Time City Drew Rotherham in the League Cup…

City have drawn Rotherham United at the Don Valley Stadium in the first round of the League Cup, the game to be played week commencing 8th August.
The Last Time City Drew Rotherham in the League Cup it was also in the first round…

at the beginning of the 1979-80 season.  
The Millers won both legs of the tie… 2-1 at Filbert Street despite a debut goal from Alan Young; and 3-0 at Millmoor with former City favourite Rodney Fern scoring twice.
Things were to get better for Jock Wallace’s side as they went on to win the Second Division Championship…
just saying like.

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City Legend Speaks to The FOX

There is an exclusive interview with former City-striker Alan Young in The FOX Summer Special, which is in the shops now and will be for sale before the Sunderland friendly on Saturday…

FOX: Your home League debut you scored both goals in a 2-0 win against Watford, it could not have gone better… 

AY: It was a dream. I remember walking out onto the pitch and it was one of the few times I have been really nervous before a football match. I turned to Martin and said: “Look after me Martin.” Why, I don’t know.
The first goal I think Eddie Kelly had a shot and it was blocked and fell to me and I smashed it.
The second one was a throw in from Ian Wilson, defender came round me so I dragged it back, I didn’t normally dribble me, but I went into the penalty area, dropped the shoulder and the defender bought it so I had a bit of space, I mis-hit it with my left foot and Steve Sherwood dived out of the way. I think I ended up getting Goal of the Season for it! There can’t have been many good goals that season is all I can say.

FOX: You always had a good relationship with the fans at Leicester, how important is it to make a good early impression like that? 

AY: It’s crucial. But with the Leicester City fans I think they liked what they saw anyway, because I am a trier. I hated getting beat. I hated the referee giving them a throw-in when I knew it was outs. Little things like that. I used to argue and argue and argue with them and get booked over a throw-in. I used to get hammered by Jock who would tell me to shut up and leave the referee alone, but I just couldn’t help myself.
I would find myself at right-back helping out Tommy Williams or whoever and Jock would be shouting: “Get up the f***ing pitch and do your job there!”
But that was me, I was just so involved all the time. I think I was a decent organiser and leader on the pitch, and an example.
Jock came in the dressing rooms at half time once, I can’t remember the game but we were winning 2-0 and I think I’d scored one, but missed a few. We’d been atrocious.
Now sometimes Jock would come in  softly softly, other times it would be different. On this occasion he came in and absolutely hammered me. Nobody else. Just me and him face to face full treatment with spit coming at me and me eyeballing him back.
Then he just turned and walked into the physio room. 
Tommy Williams was the first one to come up and say: “That was a bit much man, I thought you were doing alright.” I saide: “F*** off Tommy, get your own job sorted out, I’ll sort mine out.”
Then Andy Peake came up and I said: “Andy you’re only a f***ing baby don’t try and tell me anything and that goes for the f***ing rest of you too.”
What Jock had done was get me to dish out the bollocking! He knew I could take it but he could get through to the rest of them through me. He did it a few times because he knew he couldn’t do it to say Andy Peake and get a better performance out of them.
One day he came in to do it again to me and I said: “Not that old one again Gaffer, they’re not going to listen this time.” and he laughed at that.

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Jock Wallace is Santa Claus…

That first Christmas card, you get in early December. Annoying isn’t it? It proves that someone else has got their act together and posted all their cards and you haven’t even thought about buying yours yet, have you?
Well here’s our annoyingly early card…

Merry Christmas…

Inside it says:
“Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year
The Directors, players and staff.
Leicester City Football Club.

December 1979.”

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City Swoop for Dutch Superstar

Well okay yes, it was in 1981 and it didn’t happen, but just imagine if it had…

From The Sun:
Johan Cruyff is today set for a sensational move to First Division Strugglers Leicester City.
The Dutch Master has lined up a deal worth £4,000 a game for 11 matches – and if everything works out, he will make his debut against reigning European Champions Nottingham Forest on Saturday.
Last night jubilant Leicester boss Jock Wallace insisted: “Johan and I have already agreed terms.He has one or two problems to sort out, but I am very hopeful he will join us on Thursday.”
Cruyff is considering th emove for two reasons. He must play competitive football to make his international comeback for Holland, and he wants to try out the English First Division before deciding on a one-year contract with Arsenal next season.
The one barrier to Leicester’s transfer scoop lies with Spanish Second Division side Levante, who coul dmake a late final bid.
They have had month long talks with Cruyff, but last night the Dutchman indicated they are now too late, though Leicester’s activity could produce one last eleventh hour effort.
Cruyff, who last played for Holland in 1977, wants to return against France in a World Cup qualifier on March 25.
To be eligible he must first be playing in a national soccer league.
Because Levante have wasted so much time Cruyff looks like he may plump for England, though by doing so he would lose £75,000 on any agreement with the Spanish club.
He told me: “I still like the idea of Spain, because th eclimate suits me and my family.”
“But I cannot wait any longer for Levante. I want a guarantee from them and we have been nogotiating for a month but every day they tell me a new story.”
Wallace added: “I would like to think that part of Johan’s interest is down to our personal friendship. I have known him since 1973 when he scored a fabulous goal for Ajax against Rangers when I was at Ibrox in the first European Super Cup.”
“The negotiations have been going on by telephone over the past three to four weeks and now I think I have my man. He would teach my kids so much and be a great advert for Leicester City.”

Cruyff moved to Levante – where he made ten appearances and scored two goals…

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