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Your Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments at the Match

Your Top Ten most embarrassing moments watching Leicester City…

10. The Ball came towards me, seated in the front row of the East Stand and instead of catching it I attempted to be flash and tried to head it. I mistimed it and received a nose bleed and a black eye. I also suffered the indignity of having Ian Ormondroyd laughing at me.

photocall 93-94 b

9. Against Tottenham, the night of the ‘Martin Please Don’t Go’ banners. Photographers were taking loads of pictures of the Kop and the next morning. I looked okay in The Sun, but the front page of the Mercury captured me wiping my nose with the back of my hand. Well, I’d run out of tissues hadn’t I?

8. Late 80s, Walsall at home after Nicky Cross got the winner for us. As Pen 3 surged forward my specs fell off and landed on the floor. While they were still jumping up and down with joy I had to crawl around people’s feet trying to rescue them. The frame and the lenses were bust and I had to put them back on (chin very high to avoid slippage) because I couldn’t see a thing without them. Cue much ridicule.

7. Grimsby v Leicester – opening day of the 1981-82 season. Just after half time, straight from kick-off, Grimsby scored. I was a bit switched off and when I saw the ball hit the net we had been attacking for the previous 45 minutes I leapt up with a roar.

6. Stood in the away end at Reading’s old ground Elm Park before the game, I went to fetch a stray ball that had come over the fence from the pre-match kick-in. As I went to drop kick it back over the fence I sliced it and it formed a perfect arc and landed even further back on the terraces. Russell Osman wasn’t impressed.

5. As the whistle blew at the end of the Great Escape game in 1991 we rushed to join the mass pitch invasion that signalled our Division Two survival. Unfortunately, with me being a Goth, I was wearing a pair of winkle pickers and they got firmly jammed in the gaps in the fence. My mate had to free me by pushing them back from the other side.


4. Most City fans will remember the Gary Coatsworth thunderbolt goal at home to Luton in the early 90s, but I couldn’t celebrate it as wholeheartedly as the rest of you. When this hitherto uncultured defender scored one of the best goals ever scored in a Leicester shirt I flew my arms out and promptly smacked a rather solid looking gentleman in the teeth, causing quite a lot of bloodshed. Why he didn’t kill me I’ll never know, but sorry mate.

3. I was in a packed Popular Side in the late sixties when City scored. As I cheered loudly my false tooth on a plate shot out several feet, hit someone on the back of the  head and fell to the floor. I spent the next ten minutes searching for it and miraculously found it, still in one piece.

2. In the mid-70s I used to pay at the turnstile in Pen 4 where the queues were shorter and then hop over the fence into Pen Three. One night this simple operation went wrong and I was left hanging in mid air, dangling by the back of my trousers which were caught on a spike. Instead of rushing to unhook me, my mates just stood there wetting themselves.

kop c

1. My mate, who is a Charlton fan, went to University in Leicester and lived right next to the ground on Burnmoor Street. One Saturday in winter he had spent the whole day in bed after a night on the razz. Around 4.30 he eventually gets up to make his girlfriend a cup of tea, only to discover there is no milk in the fridge. No problem, I’ll just pop over the road to the shop, he thinks. Wearing undies, a tatty dressing gown and a pair of slippers he goes and buys the milk, but as he walks out of the shop the away supporters escort is being shepherded down the street. As he crosses the road and heads for his front door a copper with a snarling Alsatian shouts: “OI! Get back in there.”
“But I live just there!” he protests in his cockney accent. The policeman isn’t falling for it and lets the dog a bit nearer. It is a London club, as bad luck would have it! He did as he was told and ended up walking all the way to the railway station, in his dressing gown carrying his pint of milk. Accompanied all the way by shady cockneys asking him why he was dressed like that, and a policeman eyeing him suspiciously and keeping his dog close to him all the way. Not sure what time his girlfriend got her cup of tea!


If you have any more like this then please, please send them in!

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I Felt Your Presents…

Revisiting one of our favourite Christmas articles…

We asked you for your best and worst City-related Christmas Presents – here is a selection box of your stocking thrillers and plum duffs… 

I was about nine when I received the 1984-85 away kit. Dark green and gold pinstripes. Shorts and socks too. Slept in it that night and many nights after. Sad eh…?

My favourite was the signed aerial print of Filbo, just before its demise.  It captures matchday with West Stand and Family Enclosure full, overlooking a perfect carpet of a pitch.
There are thousands of fans outside walking to the match past the little terraced houses that surrounded the old ground.
I’m looking at it on the study wall right now!

I got a framed ‘Leicester’s Sporting Celebration’ picture, with the City, cricket and Tigers – 1997/98 – I think that was the year we all won something. O’Neill, Heskey and Claridge represent the City…. Happy Days!
How long before we have to wait for something like that to happen?

When I was about eight years old I was given a plain blue shirt with a white collar and with a shield badge hand-sewn (nearly straight) on it. Sniff! Proper presents, none of this Playstation megabyte malarkey!

Has to be my copy of ‘Of Fossils & Foxes’  (the one that came out pre-Brian Little era). I didn’t say much that Christmas at all, great reading for a statto…

I seem to remember being thrilled to the core of my very being by getting the Subbuteo Leicester team when they upgraded it to the Admiral kit and we got our own unique number… 192.
I was proud that our Subbuteo team was unique and not lumped in with Everton, Millwall, Chesterfield etc.
But Subbuteo then passed that off as our kit long after the white shoulder stripes had gone. I think it was Roy’s Toys and Sports in Wigston used to have a chart of all the different kits on the wall. This changed periodically and each time there was a new one I was
always dismayed to see the same out of date stripes representing Leicester, when in actual fact we were wearing the all time classic Umbro outfit. Several years ago, well after I had grown out of Subbuteo, some friends gave me a team in the Martin O’Neill era kit with v-neck and red Walkers logo, also a classic.

In a ‘Secret Santa’ prezzie-buying thing at my last workplace, I was bought a Corinthian figure of…. Dennis Wise in the ‘LG’ kit.
The little so and so that bought it for me never owned-up! I did find a use for it for a short while though – the handle for the cord that switched our bathroom light on and off broke, so I tied the cord around Dennis’s neck, and used him as a handle instead.

In 1978 I was 13 and opened up the present from my parents… a Nottingham Forest home kit. Gulp! I didn’t quite understand how bad that present was until my elder brother came round on Christmas afternoon! Lordy, lordy the LANGUAGE! I did get the 1979-80 City kit the year after and still have it in the loft somewhere.

Sadly I got some shares in LCFC plc …the nail clippers in my Tesco’s luxury cracker were worth more.

Christmas 1970, City hat, scarf and rattle, just about broke my wrist trying to crank it above my head.

A bottle of ‘Team Spirit’ aftershave. Given to me as a joke, but I’m not prejudiced and thought the stuff didn’t smell that bad. I wore it when I ran out of my normal stuff, which coincided with me meeting a lovely Italian girl. She was classy, she was beautiful, she was sexy, but she was also a bit of a snob. Two weeks into the relationship she says, “I love the way you smell. What kind of aftershave do you use?” I told her. She laughed and loved me even more for not being bothered about it.
Thanks LCFC. You won’t hear me knocking Fox Leisure products…

My brother got a football-shaped money box that you had to paint yourself. I nicked it once he had painted ‘Leicester’ on it. Happy Chrimbo… A nice framed photo of Filbert Street from the ex. She got the right hump when it took pride of place above the bed!

I had the classic Admiral tracksuit, and wore it for years, long after flares went out of fashion. I also remember getting the all white kit that we experimented with for a couple of years. But my favourite shirt had to be a 1970 round neck ala David Nish which I wore to destruction.

Quite recently I got a framed aerial photo of both Filbo and the Walkers Stadium, taken in that brief period when the Walkers was finished and Filbo was still standing. Unique I believe. It hangs proudly above my monitor.

In the mid-70s I got that Admiral tracksuit with the chevrons and  big Foxes badge and even bigger collars. I also got an LCFC autograph book which seven year old me posted to Filbo with a detailed letter of who should sign it. Shame I didn’t enclose a stamped addressed envelope or even a return address. D’OH!

It was Christmas 1991 when a long time friend presented me with an unlikely City souvenir for a present. It was a bottle of ‘City Ale’ that was a limited production to commemorate City gaining promotion in 1983 and brewed by Ind Coope, the then sponsors. According to label I am the owner of bottle number 1370. The label on the front of the bottle carries the old style City shield and the label on the back declares in no uncertain terms that ‘This strong ale was brewed by Ind Coope Ltd to celebrate the promotion of Leicester City Football Club to the first division of the Football League’. Below that are the signatures of Terry Shipman (then Chairman of City) and JM Race who was the MD of Ind Coope 24 years ago. Oh, and the date ’14th May 1983′ which was the date that we drew 0-0 with Burnley to clinch promotion. Actually the date should really have been about two weeks later when the Football League declared that Fulham’s match at Derby would not be replayed having been abandoned on 88 minutes with the score 2-0 to Derby  which confirmed our promotion. It still sits in amongst my books and programmes gathering dust and, to date, unopened. Heaven knows what the contents would taste like after 24 years (cynics might suggest that it won’t taste much worse than it did after 24 days) but I cannot imagine what kind of occasion would warrant the lid coming off this particular piece of history in a bottle, I mean just how drunk and desperate would you have to be when the booze runs out at the next party? “okay lads we have a choice – 24 year old City Ale or Advocaat?”

Best ever was a Peter Shilton green goalkeepers shirt, made by Admiral with two white stripes running up the sleeves and down the body. It was circa 1972/74 and it was really smart with nothing else around like it. Shame I didn’t do it justice ‘between the sticks’.
Also Cheetah Sports Boots, laced and tied up at the sides, made in Barwell at Wards I think. Everyone got a pair, even the Heathfield High School Rugby Team Players… Poofs

With thanks to: Cosby Fox, NorthLeicsBlue, Walsh5, glosfox, Steve_LE4, HazelGroveFox, JerseyRon, Kekroka,  Charnwood LCFC, roy of wigston, sohfoxy, EST Fox, Isopen, Wessy Boy,  nrsouth_fox, TorpointFox, Mistryman, FoxtonLox, Wallington, custardboy, DubaiFox, & FilbertsDad…

Merry Christmas all…

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When Leicester got flooded out Poland v England style….

Watching last night’s scenes in Warsaw I couldn’t help but reminded of City’s washout against Southampton at this time of year almost thirty seasons ago…

(click image for larger version)

A torrential storm that started around kick-off time left the players splashing about for 23 minutes before the ref brought things to a halt.
Needless to say it was one of our favourite games of the season… you can enjoy some of the highlights, including Steve Lynex’s breaststroke here

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Ten Years at Filbert Way…

Chris Lymn takes a look back at ten years in Leicester City’s new home in this extract from his article in The Fox Summer Special 2012…

As we blow out the candles on the ten year celebration of our ‘new’ stadium, it is not a good feeling to report on a tale of faded hopes and misconceived effort, of the blind leading the devoted.
Moving across the road from our loved but archaic stadium with no name had been seen as a first step on the road to a shiny future which would see dreams realised of a sustained period with the big boys in the land of milk and money, a realistic and localized football renaissance which would see us finally punching our weight.
In one sense, the KPS is just a building, designed and built in one go and not a century’s ragbag of gradually bolted on sheds, seats and roofs. Today, a decade on, it looks little different. It recalls a review of a new car at the time on Top Gear before they got round to blowing them up or dropping them from aeroplanes. The young curly haired chap in jeans called Jeremy Something surveyed the new Vauxhall hot off the production line: “It’s okay.” he said; “…it’s not bad; it’s alright; it’ll do the job; it’ll get you there; it’ll be reliable….”
The new stadium (it was nearly a bowl!) is a Vauxhall stadium. It’s bland, functional shape, sitting awkwardly in a tight space facing the wrong way, was never going to quicken the pulse when 31,000 of us filed in for the first serious match against Watford (happily a 2-0 win with two Brian Deane goals).
We were, however, grateful that it wasn’t in a field at Beaumont Leys or somewhere (with apologies to the speedway).
It cannot fail to enhance what is a forlornly unlovely corner of the town, nestling among electricity pylons, metal retail sheds and an underused plot belonging to Eon (what a great site for a much needed King Power entertainment Arena that would be). Even the stretch of the Grand Union canal to which it presents its face would fail to attract anyone except the odd twitcher or angler. Its size and scale accurately represents, and some would say, determines the club’s modest ambitions…

The rest of this article, and much more  besides, can be read in The FOX Summer Special 2012

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A Decade Away From Filbert Street…

Today sees the 10th anniversary of the last competitive fixture played at Filbert Street. On May 11th 2002 Leicester City beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 with goals from Paul Dickov and Matt Piper, before closing the doors on their home of 111 years and making the short move to Freemen’s Wharf.

Here are some images from that final day of League action for our much missed former home…

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The Origins of Leicester Aggro

Don’t miss my article on hooliganism in the 1960s in this month’s Leicestershire Chronicle…

It’s all kicking off in the September edition of the Leicestershire Chronicle… I interview an original 1960s hooligan; there’s a 1960 article on the trouble breaking out in Leicester’s new coffee bars; Leicester’s obselete words are given a new airing; Daniel Lambert dies and is buried in a very large grave; a man called Frank shows off his huge badge collection, and we are shown how to do the new dance craze – the Twist.

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Images of Filbert Street

Many thanks to Simon Brynjolffssen who has sent us these photos of Filbert Street…

“I saw an old link on your blog asking for any pictures of Filbert Street. Attached are some shots I took in July 1988. I basically wandered into the ground as nobody was around except for the groundsman. Inside the old main stand I explored the gymnasium, some sort of board-room and the dressing rooms. Security wasn’t too tight in those days!”


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