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FOX 216 – The Leicester City fanzine – in the shops now…

The 216th edition of The FOX – is in the shops now and will be on sale before the Manchester City game…

blog cover

It features: An exclusive interview with classy ’90s defender Pontus Kåmark; Opening Shots – Brawl of the Season competition; Fully Programmed from the Brian Little Era; Fox Diary – some you win – some you lose; the latest news from the Foxes Trust; Foxed in the Head – on chewy, own goals and those ski hats; Rewind – John Farrington gets into the Kop for nowt;  The History of Leicester City in 100 Objects; VAR – is it bad or really bad?; John Hutchinson, on the season when City broke the British transfer record; your letters and Bentley’s Roof, and Fanatical Frank’s winter break…

blog frank

The most fun you can have for £2.50…

Pontus Kåmark Interview extract…

pontus header blog

FOX: You’d had a very successful six years at IFK Gothenburg before you opted to join City who were then in the second tier. How did you come to that decision?

PK: There were a couple of reasons. When I was moving here, one of the board members at Gothenburg said: “How can you sign for Leicester?!”. At that time we were playing Champions League quarter-finals, we beat Manchester United 3-1, we were playing against Barcelona and Bayern Munich. I had five Champions medals, and I’d played in a World Cup semi-final for Sweden and I felt like I had done it all. I wanted to move on, but that wasn’t so easy in the pre-Bosman Ruling days. Back then the club could say, ‘Sorry, we don’t want to sell you’ and they didn’t. Sporting Lisbon tried to sign me and Gothenburg said no. When Leicester came in the picture I thought there was no way it would go through, but then they put a proper offer on the table. Gothenburg told me ‘You are not worth this much!’. It doesn’t sound like big money now, it was about 900,000 euros, but it was three times what Sporting Lisbon had offered. 300,000 euros was about right for a defender from Sweden at that time, so they were happy to let me go. We agreed on personal terms and then I thought, maybe I should go. England was an attractive proposition, they have shown English football on the TV in Sweden for nearly as long as they have in England. A couple of months ago we had a celebration for fifty years of English football on the TV. The Swedes are very close to English football.
Before I moved to Gothenburg Brian Clough had wanted to sign me for Nottingham Forest, so there was that thought that I should come over here. In 1995 I took the decision, and then four months later the Bosman Ruling changed the football world.
I am so pleased that I made that decision. That first season at Leicester we were promoted to the Premier League and those seasons were a great experience for me, we won a cup and there was a great team spirit in the side. And I still come back here and have some great friends in Leicester. It was the right club, if I’d gone somewhere like Arsenal I would be forgotten and no one would want to interview me today!


Take out a subscription to The Fox and get it delivered to your door.
You can print and send the form below or pay online via Paypal.

FOX Subs 2019-20 – UK click HERE.

FOX Subs 2019-20 – Europe click HERE.

FOX Subs 2019-20 – Rest of the World click HERE.

Or print out and post this form, along with a cheque made out to ‘The Fox’.

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FOX 215 – The Leicester City fanzine – on sale before the Norwich game

The 215th edition of The FOX – will be on sale before the Norwich game and in the shops soon…

cover blog

It features: we revisit our first ever interview, meeting up with Northern Ireland under-21 boss Ian Baraclough after 30 years.; Fully Programmed from the Gordon Milne Era; Fox Diary – some you win – some you win; the latest news from the Foxes Trust;  Rewind – Steve Walsh and a ramble on the East Stand roof; Foxed in the Head on Huncote’s ice age, Brian Moore, and a Brighton landmark; the History of Leicester City in 100 Objects; Favourite Shirts – your nostalgic nylon; John Hutchinson on The Ice Kings of 1963-63; your letters and Bentley’s Roof, and Christmas Dinner at Fanatical Frank’s…

frank a copy blog

The most fun you can have for £2.50…

Ian Baraclough Interview extract…

bara a blog

FOX: What was life like for an apprentice at Leicester City in 1987? Whose boots did you clean?

IB: I did the manager and the coaches’ boots, which meant I didn’t get any kind of Christmas bonus.
The players would give you a Christmas tip. Gary McAllister’s boots was the most sought after job because he used to bring in his old clothes and suits for you to have a sort through. Tony Loughlan did his boots so he got all the good gear. I was sat with Tony at a game just a couple of days ago and we were remembering our Leicester days. They were good times and they gave you a good grounding.
I think it served us better than it does for young lads now. They aren’t allowed to do jobs anymore, no more boot cleaning for apprentices. No more cleaning out the dressing rooms. And they are under a lot more supervision than we were.

FOX: Can you remember if any of the senior players took you under their wing at Leicester?

IB: Yes, I had some good guidance from the likes of Paul Ramsey, Ali Mauchlen, Gary McAllister. I wasn’t a loud mouth and I didn’t think I was better than I was, so I think they took to me a bit. You still bump into them now and again. I see Kevin Russell as he is coaching the under-23s at Stoke. Carl Muggleton is my goalkeeping coach for Northern Ireland. Steve Walsh I see, who became a club legend. They are good people and they gave me some solid guidance. Although one or two nights out might not have been quite such a good example! They help make you the person you are.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

xmas subs blog

Why not treat the Leicester City fan in your life to a FOX subscription this Christmas?
They will receive, gift-wrapped, the issues that have come out so far this season, plus a bonus set of four prints.
Then they will receive the rest of the issues by post as they come out in 2020. So it is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving. Just wait until you see their little faces on Christmas morning.
All this for £16 – you can pay online via Paypal HERE.

Please note this offer is only available for postage to UK addresses.

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FOX 211 – The Leicester City fanzine – is in the shops now and on sale before the match

The 211th edition of The FOX – is now in the shops and will be on sale before the Palace and Brighton games…

fox 211 blog

It features: An exclusive interview with chief football writer for The Times – Henry Winter; Fully Programmed from the Jock Wallace era; Fox Diary, taking from the rich, giving to the poor; the History of Leicester City in 100 Objects; the Foxes Trust on the new unified Football Supporters’ Organisation; Favourite Shirts – your nostalgic nylon; Rewind – Don’t Go Martin!; Foxed in the Head – on conker injuries, Harlow and Chelsea’s Shed; Richard Purser on the Royal Visit; Details on our new interviews compilation book – ‘Can’t Buy That Feeling’; John Hutchinson on City’s first appearance on Match of the Day; your letters and Bentley’s Roof, and Frank goes to Newport…

frank blog

The most fun you can have for £2.50…

Henry Winter Interview extract…

hw blog

FOX: You have presumably spent a fair bit of time at Belvoir Drive during your career?

HW: Yes, I spent many an hour in Paul Mace’s office doing interviews. I remember when Roberto Mancini arrived at Leicester I said “Macey, you’ve got MANCINI! I need to interview him.”
I was there on the day of his first training session and you could still hear the applause from the other players for him as the came off the training ground, apparently he’d scored some sort of sensational goal. His English wasn’t very good so he had an interpreter, but the thing I noticed when he came in straight from training was that he wasn’t sweating.
Martin O’Neill was always very in interviews and it’s great to have him back in the East Midlands now. I remember going along to interview him with Ollie Holt when he was at the Times and I was at the Telegraph. We had a good chat about the football, and then he found out I’d recently been to Chappaquiddick. Martin was absolutely obsessed with the Kennedys and he made me do a drawing of the bridge where Ted Kennedy drove his car into the water and Mary Jo Kopechne died. He studied my drawing and was absolutely convinced that she was dead before the car went into the water.
He was also fascinated by the James Hanratty case, the A6 murderer, and the Yorkshire Ripper.
Neil Lennon tells the story of Leicester playing up at Leeds and Martin kept disappearing to try and find Peter Sutcliffe’s old house! They took a club car up to Chapeltown, he eventually found it and him, John Robertson and Steve Walford knocked on the door and got in.


The subscribe to The FOX for the 2018-19 season click on the links below, these will take you to the Paypal site where you can use your Paypal balance, or debit card.

FOX Subs 2018-19 – UK

FOX Subs 2018-19 – Europe

FOX Subs 2018-19 – Rest of World

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The Fox Summer Special 2018 – in the shops now

The FOX Summer Special 2018 is now in the shops and will be on sale before the Wolves game…

fox cover blog

Our 28th annual summer edition features: An interview with former City-midfielder James Wesolowski, a review of the up and down 2017-18 season, The World Cup Diary from our men in Russia, the verdict on our new Adidas kits, LCFC via the lens of Instagram, farewell to Riyad Mahrez and Robert Huth, a Guide to the Premier League 2018-19, Rewind – to the Community Shield game against Manchester United, Your Favourite Shirts, The Fox Player, Goal and Villain of the season are revealed, The History of Leicester City in 100 Objects delivers your pint, Foxed in the Head reflects on red cards, World Cup dust-ups, Letraset and another fine statue, John Hutchinson revisits the Anglo-Italian Cup from 1972, the Best of Bentley’s Roof and your letters; and Fanatical Frank loses his shirt…

frank a copy

The most fun you can have for £3.

James Wesolowski Interview Extract…

jw day blog

FOX: At what point did you realise that you might be good enough to play football for a living?

JW: Well, it was always my dream. My dad instilled the belief in me that I could do it. The first club to show an interest in me was Leicester, who had a scout in Australia and he watched me play for New South Wales. They invited me over for a trial. I was about 13 or 14 at the time, probably too young to be nervous about it. Just being invited over for a trial was exciting enough, but then to be invited back and sign for Leicester was like a dream for me. I couldn’t wait to crack on with it.
My Dad was in a panic about it and he took me into the bathroom and taught me how to shave properly! He said “Come here.” squirting shaving foam around. “You’re going to need to know how to do this.” I didn’t need to shave at that age, I don’t think I had any facial hair at all, but he was trying to fit these life lessons in before I left, because he didn’t come over with me at first. I came over on my own and spent about a year doing school part time and training part time. After about a year Dad have to move over here for passport reasons. It was a pretty big deal for him and I was very grateful that he did that for me. He moved halfway across the world for me.

FOX: What were your first impressions of Leicester?

JW: It was very different to what I had known, not just the climate and the way of life, but the way football is treated over here. In Australia football is a bit of fun, a bit of a laugh, never taken too seriously. But over here it was people’s lives. I loved how seriously it was taken and the passion people had for it. Within the football club was a different environment to anything I had seen at that age and it helped shape the person I am today. It was hard, but I thrived on it. If I’d come over when I was 17 or 18 I don’t think I would have managed so well.
When I first joined the Academy we lived in the digs on Aylestone Road and we were like a little family. There were lads from Ireland, from England, me from Australia, Tomi Petrescu from Finland, lads from all over the place, and we all stuck together which was nice. We had the ‘foreign’ bedroom and the ‘English’ bedroom – Richard Stearman, Louis Dodds, Levi Porter – and there would be room wars. You go and throw biscuits around their room, or put toenail clippings everywhere, or fill their beds with shower foamburst. Carnage every night – England versus the Rest of the World.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  

The FOX Summer Special 2018 is out this week. 

The subscribe to The FOX for the 2018-19 season click on the links below, these will take you to the Paypal site where you can use your Paypal balance, or debit card.

FOX Subs 2018-19 – UK

FOX Subs 2018-19 – Europe

FOX Subs 2018-19 – Rest of World


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The FOX Issue No 202 – in the shops and on sale today

The 202nd edition of The FOX – The Leicester City Fanzine will be on sale before this evening’s game against Derby…


Featuring: an interview with former City striker, Steve Howard; Shinji in the Fox Gallery; Fully Programmed from February 1996; Fox Diary – it’s all gone a bit wrong; the latest from the Foxes Trust; BBC Sports Personality of the year via the medium of #lcfc Twitter; The History of Leicester City in 100 Objects; Rewind goes back to August 1993; Foxed in the Head – TV clashes, Trips to Wolves and Porto, and forgotten players; John Hutchinson’s series on Following the Fosse tracks all the club’s former offices around Leicester; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; Parting Shots our favourite photos of the last month; and Frank’s Check-a-trade trip to Cheltenham…


all for less than the price of a pint…

Steve Howard Interview extract…


FOX: Although it was new to the fans and most of the players, you had some experience at League One level, did that stand you in good stead? 

SH: Although Matty was the captain that season, and was good at it, I also tried to play a leading role on the pitch and in the dressing room. I would say to the lads in the dressing room, “Look it’s one season, that’s all it is. Let’s get out of this league.”
Some of the places were a culture shock for them. Southend, before they got there new changing rooms. Eighteen lads are trying to get changed in this cupboard and are going “What the …?”
And I was saying, “Just get on with it.”
It was a great season. We did what was expected of us.

FOX: Some big clubs took the drop down there around that time, like Forest and Leeds, and they didn’t come straight back…why did Leicester win the league with a bit to spare?

SH: I think our circumstances didn’t really change. There was a bit of money around and they had decent facilities. When Leeds went down they were in a mess and players weren’t getting paid some weeks. Leicester were stable and basically a good club. You felt special walking in the door, like I did at Derby. I loved being a Leicester player.


The Champions cards that we produced to celebrate City’s greatest achievment in the
history of all sport, ever, have now sold out. But do not despair if you didn’t manage to lay your hands on a set. We have now made them available as an A4 sized print which you can have either framed, or the print on its own to frame yourself…frame
The framed print costs £11.80 inc postage — pay via Paypal HERE
while the unframed one is £6.50 inc postage — pay via paypal HERE 
or send a cheque or cash to our new address:
The FOX,
22 Cosby Road,
LE19 2HF.





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The FOX Issue No 200 – OUT NOW!

The 200th edition of The FOX – The Leicester City Fanzine is in the shops now…


Featuring: an interview with former City captain, Matt Elliott; Fully Programmed from August 1989; Fox Diary – winning the league, going to Wembley – stuff like that; the latest from the Foxes Trust; the trip to Bruges via the medium of #lcfc Twitter; The History of Leicester City in 100 Objects; Rewind goes back to September 1997 – Atletico Madrid at home; Foxed in the Head – on whopping lies you were told, Madrid, Liverpool and Bruges; John Hutchinson’s new series on Following the Fosse; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; Parting Shots our favourite photos of the last month; and Fanatical Frank goes to Bruges…


all for less than the price of a pint…

Matt Elliott Interview extract…


FOX: The following season you played quite a few games up front as an emergency striker. Did Martin O’Neill ask you if you fancied it?
ME: Typical Martin O’Neill methods! He didn’t used to name the team until an hour and a half before kick off, we didn’t know the team on a Friday. You could usually name 9 or 10 of the starting line-up but you were never quite sure whether he was going to rest someone, or whatever. He’d often spring mini surprises, like putting a young lad like Stuart Campbell into the starting XI. It kept players on their toes. If someone knows he isn’t in the squad on Friday he might fancy a night out and anything could happen with injuries or whatever and he could get pulled into the squad.
As regards me playing up front, John Robertson came up to me in the changing rooms before a game against Chelsea and said: “The Gaffer wants a word with you.”
I thought, oh no, what have I done now? So I went to see him in hi soffice and he said: “Matty, how do you feel about playing centre-forward today?”
This is an hour and a half before kick-off and we hadn’t discussed it all at before in training!
I said: “Pardon?”
He said: “Centre-forward, you can do a job up there.”
I said: “I’ll play anywhere you want me to.”
He said: “Do you fancy it?”
I said: “Yes, sure I do, it sounds good.” It was quite exciting really. Not much pressure on me, if I made a mistake it wasn’t going to cost us a goal.
He said: “Don’t worry, it’s only the World Cup winning centre-half partnership of Desailly and Leboeuf!”
They’d won the World Cup with France about two months before.
Robbo said to me: “Just go up there and cause havoc, son.”
I think we got a draw that day. I had a bit of a set-to with Roberto Di Matteo and Gus Poyet, who weren’t too happy with the physical aspect of my game and we had a few words going down the tunnel. They ended up locking themselves in the away dressing rooms, I chased them in there and they shut the door on me! Luckily the officials didn’t see that one.


FOX 200 can be bought from the following shops..
LEICESTER: Churchgate News; Centre News, Humberstone Gate; Mahavir News, Cardinals Walk; S&A News, Downing Drive.
Mercury News, Blaby; Mercers, Wigston; Mercury News, Cosby; Huncote News; Mercury News, Narborough; Roger Simms, Lutterworth; Mercury News, St Marys Place, Market Harborough; Mercury News, Kibworth; Mercury News, London Road, Oadby; Mercury News, The Parade, Oadby; Mace Express, Syston; Peberdys, Syston; Forbouys, Birstall; Mercury News, Rothley; Carillon News, Loughborough; Mercury News, Melton Mowbray.

Or you can buy one via Paypal HERE and have it posted to you.

These are UK postal prices, for overseas prices please email: garysilke@sky.com

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FOX 195 and 196 selling out fast

We are down to the last few of FOX 195 and 196 – our first all-colour issues…

It isn’t too late to get your hands on them and catch up with Leicester City’s table-topping exploits, interviews with Carl Muggleton and Kevin Phillips, the adventures of Fanatical Frank and 50Something and much more…


But be quick, when they’re gone they’re gone.

You can receive both copies through the post for just £5.75 including p&p – paying online via Paypal HERE.

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The FOX 195 – The Leicester City Fanzine – Out Now!

The FOX 195 is in the shops now and will be on sale before tomorrow’s game against Crystal Palace. 

195 blog

It is our first ever all-colour issue, and it only took us 28 years…

Featuring: An interview with former-City goalkeeper Carl Muggleton; Fully Programmed from 1996-97; Fox Diary with not a defeat in sight; the latest from the Foxes Trust; What’s happening on #lcfc Twitter, starring Christian Fuchs; Rewind goes back to 91-92; Foxed in the Head – travels to Highbury, Norwich, a mystery church and the Odeon Cinema in 1973; Michael Rayns is our guest columnist; John Hutchinson continues his series on City and World War II; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; Parting Shots our favourite photos of the last month; and Frank has a Cockernee knees-up….

all for considerably less than a pint…

frank col

Extract from the Carl Muggleton interview…

muggs  small

FOX: At what stage did you suspect that you would actually make it in the game?

CM: Well, funnily enough I think I realised when I got injured and had to have a cartilage operation when I was 15. John McVey was the physio at the time, and I had to go and see him and the club arranged for me to have the op and really looked after me. I thought, well they are looking after me well, they obviously want me.
They the club arranged for me to have one day a week at Belvoir Drive under goalkeeping coach Alan Hodgkinson, I had to drop a subject at school to fit it in. I was sort of an apprentice for a day so I’d have to do some jobs but then I would join in with the goalkeepers, Mark Wallington, Ian Andrews, Jerry Roberts. It was absolutely fantastic, sometimes I’d get to join in with the 5-a-sides with the first team players… Alan Smith, Gary Lineker. You didn’t get fed at Belvoir Drive in those days so we would end up catching a bus into town with Andy Feeley, have a sandwich and then eventually make my way back home and try and catch up with all the homework I hadn’t done.
After a year of that I was told I had got an apprenticeship, so it was head down and get on with the football after that.


Get your Summer Special and FOX 195 delivered to your door by return of post, followed by the rest of this season’s issues as they come out.
Fox Subscriptions for 2015-16 are just £16.50 – you can print off and fill in this form, or pay online via Paypal by clicking HERE

subs copy for blog

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Leicester City Fanzine – The FOX Summer Special 2013 – ON SALE TODAY!

The FOX Summer Special 2013 will be on sale at this afternoon’s game against Leeds United…

ss 2013 cover

Packed with (middle to late)  summer fun, this issue features: an interview with Roger Davies who recalls his not very successful stay at Leicester; a review of last season even though they didn’t bring a DVD out; our thoughts on the new Puma range including our kit; Your Guide to the long and winding road of the Championship; Tales From the Riverbank;  Fox Photos; Rewind – kids in the team group; Our thoughts on the great SkyJacking of 2012-13; the results of Player/Villain/Goal of the Season; The ever-insightful Chris Lymn Column; how Youn9y’s book came about;  new column Foxed in the Head; new John Hutchinson series The Managers; your letters, e-mails and messages… and Fanatical Frank’s trip to Vicarage Road…

frank watford

All for less than the price of a pint…. £3.

Extract from the Roger Davies interview…

roger davies

FOX: Having had such a good time in Belgium you left early in your second season to join Leicester. What happened there?

RD: Well, he left me out of the team one week and I was a bit pissed off to be honest. But I think I was getting a bit homesick as well. John Lyall at West Ham had rung me, but nothing came of that, and then Leicester came in with this quite big bid. Leicester was close to where I lived, and it was a good club, so I thought it looked like a great move. Frank McLintock and a couple of directors came over to Bruges to see me and after a brief talk it was soon done and dusted.

FOX: We were in the middle of an appalling season, how did he sell Leicester to you?

RD: I don’t think he had to really, I really wanted the move and didn’t pay much attention to how they were doing. I was looking more at the calibre of players, who were good enough to be doing much better. Keith Weller was still there, Steve Kember was a good player, they brought Geoff Salmons in. Dabid Webb, Jeff Blockley, Dennis Rofe… these were all good players. Eddie Kelly, Billy Hughes, Steve Sims… why did we lose so many games?
Look at those players, even with an inexperienced manager we should have done a lot better. I think I had a decent start and got Man of the Match my first game against Derby, and then played well at Ipswich the second game, but after that it was completely gone. Somebody said to me afterwards it was like putting a spoonful of hot water into a bucket of cold. We all lost confidence and just could not turn it around. Having come in as a record signing I have to admit it was the worst spell of my career. It was the only time I lost my confidence. The ball was coming to you and you weren’t just trusting yourself to do what came naturally. As you were receiving the ball you were thinking ‘Do I really want this?’ or ‘Don’t make a mistake’.
I was pretty successful everywhere else, for Derby and Bruges and in the States, but I’m sorry Leicester fans, I didn’t do it on purpose.

To get hold of your copy, a free set of postcards, and the rest of the issues as they are published this season,  then subscribe to The FOX for the 2013-14 season via Paypal by pressing this blue button… 

subscribe button

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What do you get the Leicester fan who has everything?

You can now give a The Fox – the Leicester City fanzine – as a Christmas present…

postie frank

Our new offer includes:

All the issues that have come out to date this season: The Summer Special 2012; FOX 181 and FOX 182, will be posted along with the December issue FOX 183 just in time for Christmas and will be gift-wrapped (also included will be a set of 8 Leicester City postcards).
The recipient will then receive the rest of the season’s issues when they are published in 2013…

All this Leicester City related fun and games for just £13…

xmas offer

Use the green button to pay online via Paypal…

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

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