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Focus On: Alan Young

Alan Young comes under the Shoot! spotlight…

“A couple of pints and home by 8…”  Yeah, right!



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Leicester Defender reveals All…

Steve Sims comes under the Shoot! spotlight in 1977…

Miscelleaneous Dislikes: Soul music, travelling by train…
you won’t find Steve on the Soul Train then.

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Focus On: Brian Roderick Alderson

Brian Alderson faces a Shoot! interrogation from 1976…

focus on brian alderson

Full Name: Brian Roderick Alderson.
Birthplace: Dundee.
Birthdate: 5th May 1950. Height: 5 ft 7 ins.
Previous Club: Coventry City.
Married: Yes.
Children: One due any time now.
Car: Ford Cortina 1600 Estate.
Favourite Player: Colin Todd.
Favourite Other Team: Celtic.
Most Difficult Opponent: Colin Todd.
Most Memorable Matches: Two League Cup ties for Coventry City against Manchester City in 1973-74.
I scored twice in each game but still ended up on the losing side.
Biggest Thrill: Signing for Leicester City.
Biggest Disappointment: Not being picked for Scotland’s 1974 World Cup squad.
Best Countries Visited: Singapore and Malaysia.
Favourite Food: Curried Beef, Spaghetti Bolagnaise.
Miscellaneous Likes: Taking my Old English Sheepdog, Casey, for a run.
Miscellaneous Dislikes: Anything to do with gardening.
Favourite TV Show: Anything Interesting.
Favourite Singers: Barry White, Elvis Presley.
Favourite Actors: Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
Best Friend: Nobody in Particular.
Biggest Influence on Career: My father and Gordon Milne, the Coventry manager, helped me a lot.
Biggest Drag in Soccer: Travelling.
International Honiours: Under 23s.
Personal Ambition: To win a full Scotland cap.
Professional Ambition: To do well with Leicester City.
If You Weren’t a Footballer What do you think you’d be?: No idea.
Which Person in the World would you most like to meet?: Elvis Presley.

He’s not giving too much away under pressure is he? “No one in particular…”, “Anything Interesting…”, “No idea…”

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Focus On: Alan Birchenall

Shoot! shines its lamp of interrogation into the face of Alan Birchenall…

focus birch

Full Name: Alan John Birchenall.
Birthplace: East Ham (London).
Birthdate: August 22nd 1946.
Height: 6ft. Weight: 12st 7ib.
Previous Clubs: Sheffield United, Chelsea, Crystal Palace.
Married: Yes (Heather).
Children: One daughter (Laura).
Car: Fiat 132s
Favourite Players: Gunter Netzer (West Germany), Sandro Mazzola (Italy).
Favourite Other Team: Notts County.
Most Difficult Opponent: Anyone with a high work rate.
Most Memorable Match: Getting the only goal in West Germany for the under-23’s on tour.
Biggest Thrill: Moving to midfield.
Biggest Disappointment: Not moving to midfield years ago.
Best Country Visited: Anywhere but Iron Curtain countries.
Favourite Food: Toad in the Hole.
Miscellaneous Likes: Watching tv, peace and quiet.
Miscellaneous Dislikes: Ignorance.
Favourite TV Shows: Match of the Day, The Big Match.
Favourite Singers: Neil Diamond, Joe Cocker, Ann Murray.
Favourite Actors/Actresses: Donald Sutherland, Bryan Marshall, Claudia Cardinale.
Best Friend: I have many close friends.
Biggest Influence on Career: The thought of working under a bus with oil dripping over me (I was a mechanic before I became a professional footballer).
Biggest Drag in Soccer: Non-triers.
International Honours: 5 Under-23 caps.
Personal Ambition: To be highly successful in any business venture after my football career.
Professional Ambition: To win some domestic honour with Leicester City.
If You Weren’t a Footballer What Do You Think You Would Be?: An entertainer.
Which Person in the World Would You Most Like to Meet?: Hitler (if still alive) or Neil Diamond.

Youngers visitors to this blog might want to look up: West Germany, Iron Curtain, Claudia Cardinale and, possibly even Toad in the Hole…

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Focus On: Rodney Fern

The Shoot Inquisition captures our Rodney.

Did we ever hear the word ‘miscellaneous’ before this?

focus on rodney fern


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