The Fox has been following the fortunes of Leicester City for 22 years.

It seems longer.

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  1. Dan


    Where would i be able to get a print of one of your previous centre fold pictures. Where do you find them?


  2. thefoxfanzine

    They are from various sources Dan, so let me know which photo you mean and I’ll try and help.

    • Dan


      Thanks for the quick response. The main one I have in mind is the one a few copies back where claridge has just scored at Wembley v Palace and Muz, Lennon etc are running towards him to celebrate. What sources do you use, I’m interested to find out because there are always great photos in the Fox.


  3. Dan

    will do, thanks

  4. Hello mate,

    I couldn’t find a contact page here, so had to use a comment box, hope you don’t mind!

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    Would be quality to hear from you


  5. Rich

    Hi Gary,

    Would yoy be able to point me in the right direction of getting my hands on a copy of the 30 something publication?

    Seen it in the summer specials & Fox Mag, usually give my copy of the magazine to be passed around at work when finished (sorry, realise it’s not too good for your total sales)


  6. ian

    Hi Gary

    again using a reply box for a question

    “i have what i believe to be gordon milnes shirt
    no15 that he wore when city drew with burnley to get promotion ,theres a picture ive seen of him on the pitch after the game wearing it any ideas where i can get a copy

  7. Chris Moore


    Just had to say brilliant article in the Mercury tonight. I got hooked on Banks, Gibbo, Cross & McLintock etc & then obviously on the W gods ( + Lenny to a lesser extent ) & of course the game & stadium are not the same. Filbo had a great atmosphere – in particular under lights with 42,000 inside & many thousands outside on big nights. unlike yours my son knows more about the greats than most people of my age , poor bastard !Keep up the good work, unfortunately I presume you can’t recreate the past ?
    Best player ever that I have seen possibly Banks, but I have never been sure who was the greatest of the two W’s ???

    Best wishes, Chris Moore

  8. bryn

    hi guys

    where can i get in touch about possibly advertising in the zine!



  9. Jack

    Hey i was just wondering about subscriptions through the post, if i would get one now would it end at the end of the season or would it last for a year and end this time next year? I bought one in Leicester (i live outside of Leicester) and thought it was a great read but i could never remember the name of it. Keep up the great work!

  10. Lee Huison

    Hi, is there going to be a completely frank 3? cheers Oosh

  11. Hi Guys, I don’t know if you’ll be interested but hope you are, I handpainted these recently http://www.westwoodtablesoccer.co.uk/legends-xi-s LCFC Legends team it’s all 100% done free hand, I hope you like it. Thanks Calum @ Westwood Table Soccer

  12. Ivory Towers

    Is Michael Atherton related to our old captain
    Colin Appleton?

  13. Hi Foxfanzine,

    Can I get in touch with you via email regarding a fanzine list we’re compiling at standamf.com?


  14. Soren Filipsson

    Gary! Tried to mail you but there seems to be something wrong with your mail address. Would like go get in touch with you.
    Soren in Sweden.

    • thefoxfanzine

      Having problems with Sky account since it transferred to Yahoo.
      We aren’t selling on Friday so could meet up?


  15. Soren Filipsson

    Absolutely! At the Western? What time?

  16. Soren Filipsson

    Gary! Been trying to contact you but I get no reply! Wanna subscribe! Get in touc plz!

  17. Soren Filipsson

    Gary! Why was there no Konch among the cigarette cards??

  18. thefoxfanzine

    There was! Have you got 20?

  19. Your blog is fantastic. :). Keep up the good work. Could you please check out my blog, thefootballpitch.wordpress.com?

  20. Pete Säynätmäki

    Hi Gary! How much is subscribe to Finland? Cheers Pete

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