The Fox Summer Special 2018 – in the shops now

The FOX Summer Special 2018 is now in the shops and will be on sale before the Wolves game…

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Our 28th annual summer edition features: An interview with former City-midfielder James Wesolowski, a review of the up and down 2017-18 season, The World Cup Diary from our men in Russia, the verdict on our new Adidas kits, LCFC via the lens of Instagram, farewell to Riyad Mahrez and Robert Huth, a Guide to the Premier League 2018-19, Rewind – to the Community Shield game against Manchester United, Your Favourite Shirts, The Fox Player, Goal and Villain of the season are revealed, The History of Leicester City in 100 Objects delivers your pint, Foxed in the Head reflects on red cards, World Cup dust-ups, Letraset and another fine statue, John Hutchinson revisits the Anglo-Italian Cup from 1972, the Best of Bentley’s Roof and your letters; and Fanatical Frank loses his shirt…

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The most fun you can have for £3.

James Wesolowski Interview Extract…

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FOX: At what point did you realise that you might be good enough to play football for a living?

JW: Well, it was always my dream. My dad instilled the belief in me that I could do it. The first club to show an interest in me was Leicester, who had a scout in Australia and he watched me play for New South Wales. They invited me over for a trial. I was about 13 or 14 at the time, probably too young to be nervous about it. Just being invited over for a trial was exciting enough, but then to be invited back and sign for Leicester was like a dream for me. I couldn’t wait to crack on with it.
My Dad was in a panic about it and he took me into the bathroom and taught me how to shave properly! He said “Come here.” squirting shaving foam around. “You’re going to need to know how to do this.” I didn’t need to shave at that age, I don’t think I had any facial hair at all, but he was trying to fit these life lessons in before I left, because he didn’t come over with me at first. I came over on my own and spent about a year doing school part time and training part time. After about a year Dad have to move over here for passport reasons. It was a pretty big deal for him and I was very grateful that he did that for me. He moved halfway across the world for me.

FOX: What were your first impressions of Leicester?

JW: It was very different to what I had known, not just the climate and the way of life, but the way football is treated over here. In Australia football is a bit of fun, a bit of a laugh, never taken too seriously. But over here it was people’s lives. I loved how seriously it was taken and the passion people had for it. Within the football club was a different environment to anything I had seen at that age and it helped shape the person I am today. It was hard, but I thrived on it. If I’d come over when I was 17 or 18 I don’t think I would have managed so well.
When I first joined the Academy we lived in the digs on Aylestone Road and we were like a little family. There were lads from Ireland, from England, me from Australia, Tomi Petrescu from Finland, lads from all over the place, and we all stuck together which was nice. We had the ‘foreign’ bedroom and the ‘English’ bedroom – Richard Stearman, Louis Dodds, Levi Porter – and there would be room wars. You go and throw biscuits around their room, or put toenail clippings everywhere, or fill their beds with shower foamburst. Carnage every night – England versus the Rest of the World.

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The FOX Summer Special 2018 is out this week. 

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