The FOX Summer Special 2017 – in the shops now

The 27th annual FOX Summer Special is in the shops or can be ordered online now…

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It features: An interview with former City-midfielder Bobby Roberts, a review of the up and down 2016-17 season, ‘On Wednesday Nights…’ a look back at City’s European adventure, the verdict on the latest puma kit, LCFC via the lens of Twitter, a Guide to the Premier League 2017-18, Rewind – to the 1992 Play-Off against Cambridge, Your Favourite Shirts, The Fox Player, Goal and Villain of the season are revealed, Simon Kimber on 375 days of being Champions,  Foxed in the Head reflects on his Sand Kop and other holiday memories, John Hutchinson looks at Elephant Penalties and other sports, the Best of Bentley’s Roof and your letters; and Frank goes to Skeggy…

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The most fun you can have for £3.

Bobby Roberts Interview extract…

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FOX: Your first professional club was Motherwell, but in those days players often had another trade too…

BR:  Yes, I served my time as an apprentice painter. I did the full five years of that.
It makes me laugh when I hear about players being tired now. We played against Rangers on a Wednesday night at Ibrox, a cup replay. I think only about four Motherwell players were full time, so the rest of us were working. That day I worked from 8 until 4 and then caught the train to Glasgow, we played Rangers, who were all full-time players, and beat them 5-2. There were 85,000 there.
Tired? I know the game is different now, but come on.
When I left work for the game, they told me I couldn’t put in for the full eight hours, only seven hours. “We cannae pay you when you aren’t here.”

FOX: You were from Edinburgh, how did you end up at Motherwell?

BR: The team I played for at under-17s level, the guy who managed us, his father was a Motherwell scout for years, so he sent a lot of players over.

FOX: Was it most players ambition to make a move down to England then?

BR: Well, in my case, I had been friends with Davie Gibson in Edinburgh, and he came down to Leicester and got into the FA Cup Final in his first season down there. Me and a friend flew down to watch the match, thinking they were going to beat Manchester United easily, but they got hammered to be honest. I think they’d played on these terrible pitches through that bad winter and Wembley was just a beautiful surface and I think it suited United better.
But I thought, I’d like a bit of this. Davie had been telling me how good things were at Leicester, and the money was much better in England.
I think most young Scottish players had a burning ambition to play at Wembley. The only way you could that back then was either playing for Scotland against England, or get to the FA Cup Final.
These days there are all sorts of ways to get to play at Wembley, but then it was one or the other.

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