Leicester sacking: Thai Scandal was “the final straw”…

The BBC are reporting that Nigel Pearson’s sacking yesterday was linked to the ‘Thai Racist orgy’ scandal that involved his son James…

Leicester City celebrations, Sky Bet Championship, 5 May 2014,

BBC Sport’s Pat Murphy has claimed that the sacking was “definitely not a football issue”.
“There is no doubt that the image and the reputation of the club in their homeland of Thailand has been damaged by the behaviour of, among others, the manager’s son James on the ‘goodwill’ tour to Thailand.”
But Murphy, who clashed with Pearson after Ostrich-Gate also added: “But fundamentally, should the sins of the son be visited on the father? In footballing terms this is very harsh on Pearson.”

There are rumours that Pearson senior thought that his son’s actions were not as bad as those of Tom Hopper and Adam Smith and that the three cases should have been dealt with separately, rather than sacking them all.
After several controversies surrounding Pearson this season it seems as though the owners had lost patience, despite the late rally that saved City’s Premier League place.

This leaves Leicester looking for a new manager as the squad returns to pre-season training… hardly an ideal position to be in and we can only hope they have a very good replacement lined up and ready to come in.

PHOTO: Simon Kimber


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