FOX 194 – The Leicester City fanzine – 48 page May edition – ON SALE TODAY

FOX 194 – the May edition of the Leicester City fanzine is now in the shops and on sale at today’s game…

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The bumper sized FOX 194 features: an interview with former-City midfielder Jon Sammels; Something Old, Something New; Fully Programmed from 1985-86- the Great Escape that no one remembers; Fox Diary takes a sudden upturn; the latest from the Foxes Trust; What’s happening on #lcfc Twitterland (Iwan’s beard!); Rewind goes back a month; Foxed in the Head – Medieval Panini and Concourse sing-songs; the final Chris Lymn Column; John Hutchinson applies his magnifying glass to another slice of the club’s history; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; Parting Shots our favourite photos of the last month; and the Bi-Polar Expedition of Frank….

all for £2…

Jon Sammels Interview Extract

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FOX: You moved to Leicester in the Summer of 1971, though you were expected to go to Ipswich?
JS: I’d gone to see Bobby Robson at Ipswich and had a look round the ground and spoken to John Cobbold, the chairman. It was my home town team and I had a lot of family round there. Bobby said he really wanted me to sign, but I wanted to go away and think about it.
I was in Bournemouth on a pre-season thing with Arsenal when I got a call from Jimmy Bloomfield.
Jimmy said: “Don’t sign for anyone until you have spoken to me.”
So I went up to Leicester. I knew Jimmy, I liked the style of football he wanted to play and I liked the challenge of keeping a newly promoted team up in the First Division.
I phoned Bobby the next day and told him I wouldn’t be signing, as I was going to Leicester.
Jim’s philosophy for the midfield was one to get it, the ball-winner; one to play it, which was my role, and one to go through, which was Keith Weller.
I was more of a provider than I had been at Arsenal, I didn’t score as many goals for Leicester as I would have liked.
FOX: Do you have a favourite one?
JS: For Leicester, probably a half-volley against Burnley that I made really sweet contact with. It was a way out but I knew it was in as soon as I hit it. It was my 50th league goal I think?
For Arsenal, I got the winning goal against Anderlecht in the Fairs Cup Final so that was probably the most important one I scored.
FOX: We have memories of an open day down at Filbert Street where the players were having their shots timed by this device and you won…
JS: I think you had to hit this board to register a time and everyone who was trying to leather it missed the board so I went for more control. It wasn’t particularly fast, but it hit the target so I won!

Fox Subscriptions off 2015-16 are now open – you can print off and fill in this form, or make a payment for £16.50 online via paypal to:

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