FOX 192 – The Leicester City fanzine – in the shops NOW!

FOX 192 – the December edition of the Leicester City fanzine is now in the shops…

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FOX 192 features: an interview with pioneering football agent, and former-City chairman Jon Holmes; Something Old, Something New; Fully Programmed from 1975-76; Fox Diary – it’s not pretty; the latest from the Foxes Trust; our new column on what is going on in Twitter-land; Rewind features Sticks Ormondroyd and the swap deal for Kitson; Foxed in the Head – hitching to Liverpool, forgotten players and more YouTube treasure; the Chris Lymn Column; John Hutchinson applies his magnifying glass to another slice of the club’s history; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; Parting Shots; and Fanatical Frank is gearing up for Christmas….

all for £2…

What they are saying about the Jon Holmes Interview:

“The interview with Jon Holmes is not only the best one yet, but also a very fine bit of football writing.”  – MoanyVolpone

“Excellent read. Can’t believe Levein signed Gibert from Plymouth by mistake thinking he was their other fullback!” – wallington

“Thought it would be yet another interview with an ex-chairman, who dare not say much for fear of treading on his mates’ shoes, but on the contrary, he made no bones about what he felt about certain folk or situations. Top marks indeed!”  – Mistryman

“Priceless stuff! His verdict on Akinbiyi and Trev is fantastic – and explains a lot!” – Filbo65

“Great interview. I wonder if the Thai guys have ever considered asking Jon Holmes for advice? Gold dust.” – hampshirefox

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Jon Holmes Interview Extract…

FOX: Like any other profession there must be good, bad and indifferent agents?
JH: I’m not sure what it is like now as I am out of the football, just doing the broadcasting side of it.
It was tough in the early days because clubs didn’t want agents around at all. We turned up at Stoke to discuss Shilts’ move and they to me: “Oh, we can’t talk to you.”
So we said: “Okay then, goodbye.”
And they changed their minds. Players had a right to have
people representing them but clubs just didn’t want to acknowledge this.
Then they brought this disastrous licensing scheme in, which was based on the ability to put money up, rather than your ability to actually do the job.
Then they brought a ridiculous exam in, which was all about ludicrous, obscure FA regulations.
Then we got the stage where clubs were paying for the negotiations because players weren’t allowed to. The money they were beginning to earn they should have been paying for them like they would pay for a lawyer or what have you.
I don’t really get why clubs have to pay such vast sums to agents. They say, well you have to source players. But you could employ a whole army of good scouts for what they pay out to agents. It’s all wrong, clubs shouldn’t be allowed to pay agents at all. In the States their regulations are much better sorted. The player’s union sorts the basic contract out and then they have agents who can only be paid by the players. It is all much straighter. The problem here also lies with a lot of the owners, who have proved the ‘fit and proper person’ test to be a joke.
Look at Roman Abramovich, whose, shall we say, ‘unorthodox business techniques’ were exposed in the Berezovsky trial.
But football fans don’t give a damn, unfortunately.

FOX: What headaches have been presented to you by your players?

JH: I had one player, who will have to remain nameless, who owned five cars but only knew where two of them were.
I said to him: “Where are they?”
“I’ve lost them.”
“Where were you when you last saw them?”
“Playing cards.”
“So you lost them in a card game?”
“But that doesn’t mean, since the cars were on lease, that you can stop making the payments for them.”


It’s not too late to give The FOX as a Christmas present to the Leicester City fan in your life thanks to our new offer…

They will receive all the issues that have come out by mid-December this season: The Summer Special 2014; FOX 191 and FOX 192, will be posted in time for Christmas and will be gift-wrapped. You will also receive a set of 20 cigarette cards from last season’s title win. 

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Also included will be a set of 12 Leicester City postcards and 5 full colour 8″ x 10″ prints).
The recipient will then receive the rest of the season’s issues as they are published in 2015…

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All this Leicester City related fun and games for just £15…

Click HERE or on the blue bauble to pay online via Paypal.
Please remember to let us know the name you want on the gift tag and the delivery address if it is different from your Paypal address.


or send a cheque for £15 to:

The FOX, PO Box No 2, Cosby, Leicester, LE9 1ZZ

Please remember to put a personal message if required…



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