FOX 191 – The Leicester City fanzine – in the shops NOW!

FOX 191 – the Oct/Nov edition of the Leicester City fanzine is now in the shops…

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FOX 191 features: an interview with Maxine Kerr, daughter of City chairman Terry Shipman;  Something Old, Something New; Fully Programmed from 1994-95 – our first stab at the Premier League; Fox Diary – winning the title and beating Man United, not sure we’ve ever had a better one; the latest from the Foxes Trust; our new column on what is going on in Twitter-land; Rewind features Jimmy Willis as City get their first ever win in the Premier League; Foxed in the Head – more on the buses and forgotten players; the Chris Lymn Column; John Hutchinson applies his magnifying glass to another slice of the club’s history; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; Parting Shots; and FortySomething is dealing with an elderly (Derby-supporting) relative….

all for £2…

Maxine Kerr Interview Extract…

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FOX: With a grandfather and father so embedded in the club, you couldn’t really avoid it. How old were you when you first became aware of what it was your father did?

MK: I was seven when I went down to my first game, I’m 57 now.
Mum was going out and said to Dad, “You’ll have to take Max down to the game, I’ve got no one else to look after her.”
So Dad took me to the game, I think this was a couple of years before he became a director, with Geoff Baxter, a lifelong fiend of his. I can’t remember what game it was but I do recall that he picked me up from Brownies so I was sat there between them in my uniform while they talked over my head. I didn’t say a word.
Afterwards he said to me: “Max, I bet you absolutely hated that didn’t you?”
I said: “Dad…. I absolutely LOVED it!”
He said: “Really?!”
I was hooked. He took me down to lots of games after that and when he joined the board I went to away games too. We went everywhere.

FOX: With your grandfather Len and your Dad on the board did you ever want a place on there yourself?

MK: I would loved to have. It sort of cropped up as a possibility for a bit but then we went PLC and everything changed. That scuppered it really. I think my Dad would have liked me to do it. My sister Bev loved City but her husband played rugby so she was more into Tigers.
I did a bit of scouting once! I was going out with the club secretary Eddie Plumley’s son Gary. He then moved to Newport County so I used to go over there quite a lot to watch him. They had a fantastic young player who was so good that I tried to get someone at Leicester to go and watch him. I think they told me they already had tabs on him, anyway it was John Aldridge, so we missed out there.


The FOX will be following the fortunes of Leicester City in 2014-15, as we have since the 1986-87 season, so if you want each copy posted to your door then take out a subscription now.
You will have the option to buy our Champions cigarette card set (which will be posted out with the Summer Special NOW) at a greatly reduced price of £3.50.

To subscribe either print out the subs form at the bottom and post it to us, or click on the ‘with or without cards’ options below to pay online via Paypal.

People wishing to subscribe for overseas addresses outside of the UK please e-mail:

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