FOX 186 – The Leicester City Fanzine – in the shops now!

Issue No 186 of The FOX – is in all good newsagents now…

fox cover 186

FOX 186 features: an interview with Kevin Poole looking back on his City career;  Something Old, Something New; Fully Programmed from 1985-86; Fox Diary; the latest from the Foxes Trust; Tales From the Riverbank; Rewind – it’s raining paper – Allelujah!; new column Foxed in the Head has a scrap; the Chris Lymn Column; John Hutchinson looks at Martin O’Neill’s departure in The Managers; Fox-Photos; Cheat – on diving and other dastardly acts; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; Parting Shots – our favourite photos from the last month; and FortySomething takes a trip to the south west….

all for £2…


Kevin Poole Interview Extract…


FOX: Although City were relegated in that first season in the Premier League you did at least pick up the Player of the Season Award in 1994-95, usually an indication that it hasn’t been a great season…

KP: It’s fair enough, we weren’t really good enough and I did have a lot to do, which probably stuck in people’s minds.

FOX: We were missing David Speedie, Julian Joachim and Steve Walsh for big chunks of that season, to be fair…

KP: Yes, they were big players to have to replace. There is a lot of quality and experience among those three so it probably had something to do with it.

FOX: Is it true that you dropped the award?!

KP: Yes, it is! [laughs]

Me and my wife stayed in the Holiday Inn after the Awards do. I had it in a box which I got out of the car. While we were still in the car park the bottom fell out of the box and it went straight through and smashed on the floor! It was cut glass. I didn’t actually drop it, I blame the box, bit Goalkeeper Drops Award is obviously the headline there. I took a little bit of stick for that.

FOX: Did you have to pay for a replacement?

KP: No, the club got me another one, so it was okay.

FOX: In the middle of that campaign Brian Little departed. As the player who had known him the longest how did that effect you?

KP: Well, it didn’t change too much at the time. I had the jersey and when Mark McGhee came in he didn’t change much at first. He had a good look at what he had got. After a while he told me he was getting someone else in, and that turned out to be Željko Kalac.

FOX: You missed one league game that season of 1995-96 when McGhee dropped you for Spider Kalac. How did that conversation go?

KP: Well I thought I had done alright and had a decent season. But having gone to a lot of trouble to bring him in I think he felt he had got to play him. He didn’t mention the height think but perhaps that was what it was all about.
He just said: “I want to freshen things up and I’m going to give him a game.”
I think he played two games didn’t he? At West Brom in the League and Bolton in the League Cup.
Then he had to come crawling back to me and say: “Sorry, I’ve done the wrong thing.”
He was good enough to apologise to me!


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