Summerspecial… doon’t fergit yer Summerspecial!!

Subscribe to The FOX – the Leicester City fanzine – for the 2013-14 season and you will receive The FOX Summer Special 2013 and a set of four free postcards by return of post… 
Packed with (middle to late)  summer fun, this issue features: an interview with Roger Davies who recalls his not very successful stay at Leicester; a review of last season even though they didn’t bring a DVD out; our thoughts on the new Puma range including our kit; Your Guide to the long and winding road of the Championship; Tales From the Riverbank;  Fox Photos; Rewind – kids in the team group; Our thoughts on the great SkyJacking of 2012-13; the results of Player/Villain/Goal of the Season; The ever-insightful Chris Lymn Column; how Youn9y’s book came about;  new column Foxed in the Head; new John Hutchinson series The Managers; your letters, e-mails and messages… and Fanatical Frank’s trip to Vicarage Road… ss2013 ad Honestly, it’s a right bargain… To get hold of your copy, a free set of postcards, and the rest of the issues as they are published this season,  then subscribe to The FOX for the 2013-14 season via Paypal by pressing this blue button…  subscribe button


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