Leicester City Fanzine – The FOX Summer Special 2013 – ON SALE TODAY!

The FOX Summer Special 2013 will be on sale at this afternoon’s game against Leeds United…

ss 2013 cover

Packed with (middle to late)  summer fun, this issue features: an interview with Roger Davies who recalls his not very successful stay at Leicester; a review of last season even though they didn’t bring a DVD out; our thoughts on the new Puma range including our kit; Your Guide to the long and winding road of the Championship; Tales From the Riverbank;  Fox Photos; Rewind – kids in the team group; Our thoughts on the great SkyJacking of 2012-13; the results of Player/Villain/Goal of the Season; The ever-insightful Chris Lymn Column; how Youn9y’s book came about;  new column Foxed in the Head; new John Hutchinson series The Managers; your letters, e-mails and messages… and Fanatical Frank’s trip to Vicarage Road…

frank watford

All for less than the price of a pint…. £3.

Extract from the Roger Davies interview…

roger davies

FOX: Having had such a good time in Belgium you left early in your second season to join Leicester. What happened there?

RD: Well, he left me out of the team one week and I was a bit pissed off to be honest. But I think I was getting a bit homesick as well. John Lyall at West Ham had rung me, but nothing came of that, and then Leicester came in with this quite big bid. Leicester was close to where I lived, and it was a good club, so I thought it looked like a great move. Frank McLintock and a couple of directors came over to Bruges to see me and after a brief talk it was soon done and dusted.

FOX: We were in the middle of an appalling season, how did he sell Leicester to you?

RD: I don’t think he had to really, I really wanted the move and didn’t pay much attention to how they were doing. I was looking more at the calibre of players, who were good enough to be doing much better. Keith Weller was still there, Steve Kember was a good player, they brought Geoff Salmons in. Dabid Webb, Jeff Blockley, Dennis Rofe… these were all good players. Eddie Kelly, Billy Hughes, Steve Sims… why did we lose so many games?
Look at those players, even with an inexperienced manager we should have done a lot better. I think I had a decent start and got Man of the Match my first game against Derby, and then played well at Ipswich the second game, but after that it was completely gone. Somebody said to me afterwards it was like putting a spoonful of hot water into a bucket of cold. We all lost confidence and just could not turn it around. Having come in as a record signing I have to admit it was the worst spell of my career. It was the only time I lost my confidence. The ball was coming to you and you weren’t just trusting yourself to do what came naturally. As you were receiving the ball you were thinking ‘Do I really want this?’ or ‘Don’t make a mistake’.
I was pretty successful everywhere else, for Derby and Bruges and in the States, but I’m sorry Leicester fans, I didn’t do it on purpose.

To get hold of your copy, a free set of postcards, and the rest of the issues as they are published this season,  then subscribe to The FOX for the 2013-14 season via Paypal by pressing this blue button… 

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