The SkyJacking of Leicester City continues into 2013-14

Sky TV’s fascination with Leicester City, which all but ruined last season for those who like to see their football in the flesh, looks to have continued into the 2013-14 season…

skyjacked 2

Just one day after the fixtures were announced Sky swooped down and claimed City’s first home game against Leeds, shifting it from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening.

Not content with that, the obsession appears to be growing…


Nestling in the mid-summer schedule between the World Matchplay Darts and the Hungarian Grand Prix is City’s pre-season friendly against Monaco. They just can’t leave us alone.
Are these things decided by a mad keen, but house-bound Leicester fan? Who else would possibly think that everyone wants to watch Leicester every week?
You can already hear a collective sigh from the fans who have bought season tickets.

One day we will have a 3pm Saturday kick-off… one day.

Now is as good a time as any to subscribe to The FOX for the 2013-14 season online via Paypal – just press the blue button…




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6 responses to “The SkyJacking of Leicester City continues into 2013-14

  1. Ryan ward

    its good for me all the Leicester games on sky as i live in yorkshire so not easy for me to get to games, stop moaning its great

  2. thefoxfanzine

    One Saturday 3pm home game in 8 months?!
    Find me a Premier League team who has had to put up with anything close to that?

  3. Ryan ward

    Man utd played 7 at home last season at 3 o’clock on a saturday, 3 more were on saturday but 1 at 12:45 and 2 at 17:30 for TV.

    Anyway its got to be good for Leicester being on tele so much

  4. Sky can’t even leave us to have a friendly without interfering ,my family want to take there youngster for her first game but now the atmosphere of a packed kp won’t be the same

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