Boardroom Restructure Predicted at Leicester

According to the Daily Telegraph there are to be some big changes at the King Power Stadium with former Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards being asked to lead City into the new Financial Fair Play era…


The 70 year old former Sheffield Wednesday chairman, who is expected to replace Vachai Srivaddhanaprabha, will be joined by Terry Robinson, recently of Stoke City’s Academy who will have a brief to remove the highest earners from a hefty wage bill.

They are both expected to be officially appointed on July 1.

Here are some comments about Richards from around the internet…

* “Richards was a director of companies involved in engineering, telecommunications and water and waste treatment, several of which entered administrative receivership or were dissolved…”

* “It emerged from the Hillsborough Independent Panel enquiry in September 2012 that Richards, who was the Chairman of Sheffield Wednesday from March 1990 to February 2000, had refused to put up a memorial at Hillsborough, on legal advice, for the 96 Liverpool supporters that died on the 15th April 1989 at the Hillsborough ground.”

* “Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards has apologised for his comments about FIFA and UEFA.
Speaking at a conference in Qatar he said: “England gave the world football. Then, 50 years later, some guy came along and said, you’re liars, and they actually stole it. It was called Fifa.”
Richards later claimed his comments were “light-hearted” and said he would write to UEFA and FIFA.”

* “Dave Richards destroyed Sheffield Wednesday to such a degree they are barely recovering even now. The fact he got knighted and is in this job can only be explained by David Icke.”

* It was déjà vu in Doha for Sir Dave Richards on Tuesday night after he embarrassed the Premier League for a second successive year at Qatar’s annual Securing Sport conference. Almost 12 months to the day since he fell face first into a fountain pool and was forced to apologise for accusing Fifa and Uefa of stealing football from the English, the outgoing chairman of the Premier League went off message again…

* As a long time Wednesdayite its been sickening to see Richards prosper whilst leaving Wednesday in ruins. He’s a disgrace. Is there any wonder The FA and national team are such a shambles when people like him are in charge of it all?

* Nonsensical, extravagant contracts given to expensive, non-proven Premiership players were just a few of the disastrous executive decisions to be made under Richards’ reign which were to haunt this Club to this very day.

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4 responses to “Boardroom Restructure Predicted at Leicester

  1. bocadillo

    And here’s another from the Guardian: Dave Richards’ bureacratic star has grown in inverse proportion to his achievements.

  2. Craig Cartledge

    good luck with him Leicester, arrogant git, left us in lurch to get his knighthood , all above facts stated are totally true, thanks for Milan though, saved us, we are not swopping back not in a million years.

  3. Paul

    I’ve an affinity with you lot, as my wife & in-laws hail from Leicester and was sat in your end when you played the Owls this season. I can only offer my condolences at this appointment, should it happen. If you think your club is suffering now (missing out on promotion) that’s a drop in the ocean to what this pillock can achieve. Wim Jonk on £20k p/w!? With a £3k appearance bonus, IF HE DIDN’T EVEN APPEAR!

    What a joker!

  4. the guy is a joke,he killed sheff wed big time,keep well away from hillsbororugh scum bag

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