Youngy’s Book Gets off the Mark

Alan Young’s controversial autobiography was  launched at the KP Stadium on Saturday

Cover artworkFans who were eager to chat to Youngy and get their book signed were queueing out of the door for most of the morning but everybody left with a book and a personalised message and a few words with the former City striker. These days he is known to most City fans as the summariser alongside Ian Stringer for BBC Radio Leicester at City’s matches home and away. What many may not know is the incredible journey that Youngy has travelled to arrive back in Leicester.


Alan Young was born in Kirkcaldy but played his entire professional career in English football with Oldham Athletic, Leicester City, Sheffield United, Brighton and Hove Albion, Notts County and Rochdale.

Alan Young’s story is one of a talented, brave striker who played at the highest level of the domestic game but also experienced human misery at its lowest once his playing career was over. The account of his playing and coaching career is entertaining and compelling with remarkable stories around some high profile personalities that are still involved in the game today. There is an entirely new tale to tell once he leaves the game he loves and he exposes his innermost thoughts with a frank and insightful, though always articulate, delivery. ‘Youngy’ doesn’t just recount the good times of his playing career; he also offers valuable insight and moments of perception and understanding of some of the darkest days of his life.

He will be performing further book signings at the following venues:

27th May from 12:00, Leicester Racecourse

2nd June from 1pm, Grace Road, Leicestershire CCC

6th June from 7:30pm, Wellingborough Town CC (also Q&A)

10th June 5pm – 9pm, Coalville Care Centre

14th June from 7:30pm, Kibworth CC (also Q&A)

15th June from 10:00am, Glider Club Cafe ( near Husbands Bosworth

22nd June from 7:00pm, Leicester Speedway


To order Youngy’s book online go to his website at







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