Issue No 185 of The FOX – The Leicester City Fanzine –will be on sale before tonight’s game against Watford…
It might be the last home game of the season… it might not.

185 cover

FOX 185  features: an interview we did in Dublin with Pat Byrne, recalling his time at City under Jock Wallace;  Something Old, Something New; Fully Programmed from 1968-69; Fox Diary – which starts badly and then gets worse; the latest from the Foxes Trust; Tales From the Riverbank; Rewind – an eventful night at the Victoria Ground; the Chris Lymn Column; John Hutchinson looks through the 1980s box in the Leicester City archives; Fox-Photos; Please – an extensive list of what is wrong with modern football; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; Parting Shots – our favourite photos from the last month; and FortySomething gets messed around by the ever-changing fixture list ….

all for £2…

Pat Byrne Interview Extract…

byrne blog

He gave us a fascinating insight into his time at Filbert Street under Jock Wallace and had very fond memories of a win at Anfield:

“When we got to Liverpool Jock tried to take the pressure off us straight away and he said ‘We’re not supposed to win here today, you know that don’t you? We’ve just lost at Exeter and today is a match that we’re not supposed to win’ and that was how he prepared us and it worked! He had a strange way of doing things at times but this was his way of getting us in the mood by taking the pressure right off and telling us to go out and enjoy ourselves. He believed so much in his team and it was a team to him and not about individuals. If he even felt that there was even a sign of someone trying to be an individual then he would jump on it very quickly. Maybe he would have been happy to have not been hammered but we never felt that, we believed we could do it. I think we probably had a bit of luck that day and we even scored all of the goals! Youngy scored a beauty in his own net didn’t he? The goal I scored was one of those that you catch just right even though I was a way out but the ball came across and I hit it first time. If I hadn’t got it right it would have killed a few seagulls on its way out of the ground! But what a feeling to see the ball in the net at the Kop end; that’s why you play football for moments like that. Even now people still want to talk about it which I find incredible.”

ts blog

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