When Leicester got flooded out Poland v England style….

Watching last night’s scenes in Warsaw I couldn’t help but reminded of City’s washout against Southampton at this time of year almost thirty seasons ago…

(click image for larger version)

A torrential storm that started around kick-off time left the players splashing about for 23 minutes before the ref brought things to a halt.
Needless to say it was one of our favourite games of the season… you can enjoy some of the highlights, including Steve Lynex’s breaststroke here

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4 responses to “When Leicester got flooded out Poland v England style….

  1. Stevie Lynex swimming towards the Kop! I remember it well. Ian Thorpe eat yer heart out!

  2. Bob Vickers

    Does anyone remember when the game we won, played at Portsmouth in these condtions was?

    • thefoxfanzine

      New Years Day 1990 – we won 3-2, Kevin Campbell scored two. I was nursing a phenomenal hangover.

      Also Nov 29th 2003 in the Premier League – 2-0 win with goals from Ferdinand and Bent.

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