Leicester City crest sees 20th Anniversary

With the need to fill up news sites and blogs every day we often have to fall back on ‘On This Day in….’ type stories, but one that seems to have passed everyone by is the 20th Anniversary of the Leicester City badge.

In the summer of 1992, following City’s defeat to Blackburn in the 1992 Play-Off Final at Wembley, Barrie Pierpoint’s vision for the future of the club began to take shape.  Plans for a new stand to replace the old Main Stand were on the drawing board; the self-produced Fox Leisure brand replaced Bukta and kit suppliers; and a new club badge was commissioned.

It was decided that the current badge, introduced for the start of the 1983-84 season, was not a strong enough image. The directors agreed that there was a badge that they liked and would like to imitate….

And it was this one… you may not have wanted to know that, but it’s true.
The City badge was inspired by the Leeds United ‘halved onion’ badge (photo: Leeds United Match Worn)
Graphic Designer Chris Lymn, who now writes a column in The Fox every issue, was charged with the job and came up with the design that is so familiar with us today.
The background of the cinquefoil came from the Leicester Coat of Arms. Chris thought that the old fox’s head and crossed riding crops was a little too county biased for a club that was housed in, and got most of its support from the city.

The fox’s head on previous City badges dating right back to the 1949 FA Cup Final up until 1983 had always been viewed from side-on and Chris thought that a face-on fox would be stronger looking…

The ears and snout fitting in the gaps left in the cinquefoil made for a very pleasing arrangement.
The official third colour of a golden yellow was also introduced along with an imposing font that added to the strength of the design.

Although the design on City shirts has been tweaked here and there: appearing in a shield, in a broader circle, with 125th Anniversary additional detail, and with the additional of a white bit round the muzzle, Chris’s basic design has remained intact for twenty seasons during one of the most eventful periods of the club’s history.
It made it’s debut in a 2-1 win over Luton at Filbert Street in August 1992.

So, sorry we’re a bit late, but Happy Birthday…

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7 responses to “Leicester City crest sees 20th Anniversary

  1. Paul J

    Thanks for reminding me how old I am. I remember the dismay at losing the old badge, just not that it was 20 years ago !

  2. Very Surprised that Chris Lymm didn’t push foe a change of name too? City of Leicester F.C. maybe, I would like to see how many season ticket holders have a county post code, The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

    • thefoxfanzine

      It was only a shift of emphasis Micky. The old shield badge, though loved by all, is very much ‘county’. The club is and has always been in town and in the old days the vast majority of fans would have been from town.
      Only 20 years ago I would guess that there were more supporters with city addresses than there are now, with the gentrification of the game only just starting then.

      • Fair comment but in the 70’s City’s countywide area support was massive, Hinckley, Lougaboruga, Coalville even Nuneaton were all City hot beds for support,

    • Chris lymn

      Just for the record Mickie, I simply reflected the name of the club when introducing the cinquefoil. The question of where the support comes from was not a factor. And the crops were dropped as the hunting thing was a political issue in the balance at the time and the club did not want to take sides or be seen to.So no need to get upset… Chris LymN

  3. RugbyFox

    Design is ok, but for me it lacks impact. The fox needs to be given a bit of ‘attitude’… a snarling mouth with his sheep tearing teeth showing rather than the overly long nose and spaced-out eyes! The font is also a little out of date. I did email the club last year offering to re-design the badge (free of charge)… but didn’t get a reply.

  4. The Shield

    Can’t stand the badge, will never get used to it. I always kiss the traditional shield badge. That’s every self respecting City fans badge.

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