Ten Years at Filbert Way…

Chris Lymn takes a look back at ten years in Leicester City’s new home in this extract from his article in The Fox Summer Special 2012…

As we blow out the candles on the ten year celebration of our ‘new’ stadium, it is not a good feeling to report on a tale of faded hopes and misconceived effort, of the blind leading the devoted.
Moving across the road from our loved but archaic stadium with no name had been seen as a first step on the road to a shiny future which would see dreams realised of a sustained period with the big boys in the land of milk and money, a realistic and localized football renaissance which would see us finally punching our weight.
In one sense, the KPS is just a building, designed and built in one go and not a century’s ragbag of gradually bolted on sheds, seats and roofs. Today, a decade on, it looks little different. It recalls a review of a new car at the time on Top Gear before they got round to blowing them up or dropping them from aeroplanes. The young curly haired chap in jeans called Jeremy Something surveyed the new Vauxhall hot off the production line: “It’s okay.” he said; “…it’s not bad; it’s alright; it’ll do the job; it’ll get you there; it’ll be reliable….”
The new stadium (it was nearly a bowl!) is a Vauxhall stadium. It’s bland, functional shape, sitting awkwardly in a tight space facing the wrong way, was never going to quicken the pulse when 31,000 of us filed in for the first serious match against Watford (happily a 2-0 win with two Brian Deane goals).
We were, however, grateful that it wasn’t in a field at Beaumont Leys or somewhere (with apologies to the speedway).
It cannot fail to enhance what is a forlornly unlovely corner of the town, nestling among electricity pylons, metal retail sheds and an underused plot belonging to Eon (what a great site for a much needed King Power entertainment Arena that would be). Even the stretch of the Grand Union canal to which it presents its face would fail to attract anyone except the odd twitcher or angler. Its size and scale accurately represents, and some would say, determines the club’s modest ambitions…

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