Leicester City Fanzine – The FOX Summer Special 2012 – OUT NOW!

The FOX Summer Special 2012 will be on sale at this afternoon’s Leicester City v Sunderland pre-season friendly…

Packed with summer fun, this issue features: an interview with Football League chairman (and Leicester City fan) Greg Clarke; a review of last season; our thoughts on the new Puma kit; a look back at Ten years of Filbert Way; Your Guide to the Championship; Tales From the Riverbank;  an introduction to Fox Photos; Rewind – with Alan Young and Gary Lineker on holiday in Torremilinos in ’82; Wag Tales – From Our Man in Poland; the results of Player/Villain/Goal of the Season; The ever-insightful Chris Lymn Column; the City fan who applies for all vacant football manager’s jobs!;  Out of the Box – John Hutchinson’s tour round the City archives; your letters, e-mails and messages… and the latest adventures of FortySomething…

All for less than the price of a pint…. £3.

Greg Clarke Interview – extract: 

“After three months in the job I sat down with the Football League executive and the Football League board and we worked on our first strategic plan together. It came as quite a surprise to some of the clubs that we were heading for between 1.5 and 2 billion pounds worth of debt within five years. No one had ever done a strategy process. Once you know what the situation is you can look at what you need to do to address that issue. We’ve worked with clubs to put financial fair play in place, which will limit the amount of money that clubs can spend. What that means effectively is that we will get the same players but we will pay them less. Professional footballers will still earn a decent wage. I’m not anti-footballer, where would the game be without them? But what we want to do is provide them with secure employment. What we don’t want them to do is work for clubs that are increasingly going out of business so they don’t get paid.

My job is to make sure that the clubs have a long term vision and a plan in place to achieve it. But it’s THEIR vision, not ‘Greg’s Vision’. I’ll work with them to develop it, but I’m not standing on a stage saying we must do this and we must do that.
This why I spend so much time going to games, meeting up with the board over dinner and having a long chat. They ask questions, they make suggestions, and overall we build up a consensus of what most people in football want to achieve.

I like the maxim: the current club owners are only the custodians of the heritage of the community. Their job is to hand that over to the next generation in good shape; not play double or quits where heads you’re suddenly in the Champions League, or tails you’re out of business. That’s not a bet we want any club to make. We want them to do things that are appropriate to the scale of their club. If you are a League Two club then having aspirations to play in League One is reasonable. Having aspirations to play in the Champions League? We’ll have a little chat about that! It’s getting that sense of reason and purpose to the league.”


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2 responses to “Leicester City Fanzine – The FOX Summer Special 2012 – OUT NOW!

  1. Ian Ward

    Thanks for the Summer Special chaps, blummin bang on as always.

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