Leicester ‘Highlights’ DVD is out…

2011-12 may well go down as one of the most disappointing seasons in Leicester City’s history, what with all the pre-season expectations and that, but still I find myself handing over £13 to go through it all again…

It is the usual slick, professional job, with every goal from every game as promised, as well as a large number of Kasper Schmeichel saves, and more sending-offs than ever before.
But what slightly sticks in the craw is the blurb on the back, which takes ‘looking on the bright side’ to a whole new, deluded, level.

“The Foxes feel good factor is well and truly back!”

“Dream doubles over Derby and Coventry as well as the 4-0 thumping of Forest, confirmed Leicester as the number one club in the East Midlands…”

“A sensational run to the sixth round of the FA Cup… and being oh so tantalisingly close to a place in the play-offs…”

Come on… don’t insult our intelligence. It was a poor season. We’re either going to buy the DVD to stick it on the shelf with all the others, or we’re not.
Sugar coating it won’t get a single extra sale….


A full review of the season, and the DVD, will appear in The Fox Summer Special 2012…

To subscribe to The FOX for the 20012-13 season you can either print off the subs form below and send it to us with a cheque for £15.00 – or click on the big blue button on the right where you can pay online using Paypal or debit card…


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