New Leicester City Photo Archive is Launched

Our new online Leicester City photo archive – FOX PHOTOS – is now open to the public…

Check out fifty years of Leicester City images on our new site here.

We have been working for some time to get the archives of Neville Chadwick and Dave Morcom out of the filing cabinets and into public view, and now have over 500 images spanning six decades up on the site.

We will be continuously adding images to the site and hope to build up a comprehensive online pictoral history of Leicester City FC unrivalled by that of any other club.

So have a browse, enjoy, reminisce, look for your face in the crowd and send us your feedback. You can also order prints of any of the images you can see, which will help towards the costs of the site and improving the finances of The Fox.

Up the City!


To subscribe to The FOX for the 20012-13 season you can either print off the subs form below and send it to us with a cheque for £15.00 – or click on the big blue button on the right where you can pay online using Paypal or debit card…


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