Free City Postcards when you Subscribe to The FOX for 2012-13

Subscribe to The FOX – the Leicester City Fanzine for the 2012-13 season and you will receive a set of LCFC postcards free…

The FOX has been following the fortunes of Leicester City since 1987… For the last 25 years we’ve provided an alternative viewpoint to the mainstream media and a platform for City fans to air their views and share their experiences.
This year we are offering our subscribers a free set of limited edition postcards. If you subscribe for 2012-13 you’ll receive your cards with the Summer Special in July, followed by the Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar and April/May issues all posted to you on publication day.

To subscribe you can either print off the subs form below and send it to us with a cheque for £15.00 – or click on the big blue button on the right where you can pay online using Paypal or debit card…

* I wanted to send you a congratulations note on behalf of the team here at Soar Media for reaching 25 years of The Fox. It is and always has been a superb publication, both in terms of content and artwork – and has always had the finger on the pulse of the fans feelings around the time – treading carefully to stay independent, whilst not completely pissing the club off. I vividly remember reading it as a young lad in the late 80s and early 90s and still do now…
Dean Eldredge


* As a longtime purchaser – firstly at Sportspages when I worked in London, and since thereafter as  a subscriber – I just wanted to say thanks and congratulations on reaching 25 years. Despite all the changes, and indeed madness that goes on at our club, the Fox has been a reassuring presence.
Recently the interviews with McLintock and most recently Pleat have put a whole new perspective on those particular managerial efforts, and made me look at their tenures in a new light.  These were terrific pieces, and completely unexpected, and it  is experiences like that which make me renew my subscription without hesitation.
So all the best for the future, keep up the good work, and lets hope there are many more Foxes to come.
Alan Mayes

* Thought we should wish the Gaffer and his gang a very happy 25th birthday.
The Fox has been an essential part of my City-supporting life for the past 20 years; it’s a wonderful achievement, and a wonderful read…
Loz Farmer

* My admiration for what Gary and Simon have achieved knows no bounds.
Twenty five years is a long time to be doing that.
I hope there will be twenty five more. I want to read sixty something. Those guys have mirrored my life uncannily over the years.
Dave Harris

* It’s the only brown envelope I like getting in the post.

Whatever happens, the Fox will be always a big part of our history.
Long after we are all gone, copies will be around with the new fans talking about the fanzine.
It was created for the fans by the fans and is part of our fabric.
Well done lads, you created something special.
Rob O’Donnell

* I too would like to add my congratulations. I genuinely look forward to it landing on my mat, which the latest issue did last week.
Keep up the excellent work guys.

* Congrats to all involved in it.
I think it can survive in the digital age – show me somewhere online that matches the content?
Sure there are some crossovers – fans opinions are everywhere, and obviously match reports, but they are not why I buy it.
Where else can I find a interview with David Pleat about his time in Leicester? Or a review of a 20 year old program? Or the comic strips, or a whole host of other features…long may it continue.

* In the post-Filbert Street, post-having kids, post-buying a season ticket every year, post-going to Wembley every year, post-Premier League, post O’Neill, post-enjoying it (if I’m honest) world it’s the Fox that regularly reminds why I loved it once, why might love it again one day and why still care.
Thanks Gary, Simon and the rest, for 25 years very well spent.

* Many thanks to all involved for making it the best on the market, and that’s praise from a couple of mates who aren’t Leicesterfans.

* ‘The Fox’ the one thing about our club that is genuine Premier League
Thank you Gary and Co for all your time and effort to chronicle 25 years of Leicester City from our perspective.


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