25th Anniversary FOX – David Pleat Interview

The FOX – the Leicester City fanzine – is twenty five years old.  
Issue 179 is in the shops now and on sale at tomorrow’s game…

This special edition of the fanzine features an interview with former-boss David Pleat who gives us a candid insight into his time at the club:

“…..I think later on the likes of Mauchlen and Ramsey calmed down a bit. I think Martin O’Neill did wonderfully well with Steve Walsh, making him a more sensible player. He was a bit of a wild tackler at times when I was there, we had a bit of a disciplinary problem to be honest. It wasn’t easy with that group.
I felt that the forward line of Reid, Cross, Newell and Weir were very effective but further back we had problems.
I enjoyed my time at Leicester and a had a very solid man of great integrity alongside me in Gordon Lee. And the board were very good, very democratic, but they had no money. Now, there was a man called Trevor Bennett who wanted to come along and put money into the club, but the board resisted him.
The board consisted of Mr Sharp, Mr Elsom, Mr Smeaton, Mr Shipman…. and then there was Martin George who was from a different mould to the rest. He was quite an aggressive forward thinker, and this led to a bit of in-fighting. The rest of the board were very old-school Leicester City if you know what I mean. But the game was changing even back then.
We had a very calm, sensible, democratic board, but perhaps we needed more investment and more ideas. For my part maybe I was too frugal. I never marched in demanding money like some managers did. I just accepted that there was no money and saw it from the board’s point of view….”

You can subscribe to The FOX and catch up on what you have missed this season here or just order the 25th Anniversary edition by paying £2.75 to garysilke@sky.com on Paypal.



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