Pearson Move Delayed

Nigel Pearson’s move from Hull to Leicester has been delayed while the two clubs hammer out a compensation deal.

Hull’s owners, knowing that Leicester’s owners have plenty to spare, are holding out for more than the £400,000 on offer as a pay off for the Humberside club losing their manager as well as his backroom staff comprising of Craig Shakespeare and Steve Walsh.
The deal has obviously gone too far down the road to be reversered but should make for an interesting game of poker over the next day or so. 


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5 responses to “Pearson Move Delayed

  1. Rickster

    Too right that Hull City should get more compensation. Poaching our manager when he has made such strides with the team at Hull City. But it looks as there is no loyalty with Nigel Pearson as well. Could be a bad move for him? It does not always work out these things, could be wrong though! Too far down the line now, he has to go, it seems that he does not want to stay. I will laugh if it does NOT work out and he gets the sack at the end of the season, wishful thinking eh! Maybe I’m biaised but that’s how it goes these days! He was a good manager whilst he was here, even though a small minority of ‘Ull fans slated him some time. At the end of the day money talks, which is wrong really!

  2. Coco Pops Scarf and Docs (HCAFC)

    City paid Leicester £650k compensation during close season last summer.. Laterly NP has done a first class job of quickly moulding an exciting young team well capable of a sustained attempt at the play-offs, given the difficult conditions that Pearson inherited (post premier league relegation) his stock has risen significantly over the past 16 months or so, factor into the equation the timing of Leicester’s approach (potential promotion season in full swing) and you can appreciate why the Hull City board are seeking a premium on their investment.. Leicester fans like to brag about the Thai’s spending power, therefore £1m should be notional amount to secure Nigel Pearson’s services for the short-term. One way or another its not going to be a long standing tenure..

  3. I don’t know what you are Whinging about. None of you seemed to mind when you took jim away from us in the first place !!!!

  4. Coco Pops Scarf and Docs (HCAFC)

    Difference being, we didn’t snaffle your gaffer midway through an impending promotion campaign.. Our business was done and dusted during the relative calm waters of June 2010 leaving your bungling club a clear 6 weeks before the start of the new season..

    A common trait of the vulgar nouveau riche is to act without class..


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