The Origins of Leicester Aggro

Don’t miss my article on hooliganism in the 1960s in this month’s Leicestershire Chronicle…

It’s all kicking off in the September edition of the Leicestershire Chronicle… I interview an original 1960s hooligan; there’s a 1960 article on the trouble breaking out in Leicester’s new coffee bars; Leicester’s obselete words are given a new airing; Daniel Lambert dies and is buried in a very large grave; a man called Frank shows off his huge badge collection, and we are shown how to do the new dance craze – the Twist.

All for 65p. To subscribe ring: 0116 2512512.


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3 responses to “The Origins of Leicester Aggro

  1. james

    where can i get the link to read it?

  2. thefoxfanzine

    I don’t think there is one James, I’ll send you the word doc if I can find it.

  3. Felix

    HEy Guys,
    I’m really interested in the article, so is there any chance get it? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Felix

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