New Sponsor for Filbert Way

King Power, the company belonging to Leicester City’s owners, have added the stadium naming rights to their branding…

The ground that has been known as The Walkers Stadium since it opened nine years ago will now be known as the King Power Stadium. 
Always careful to do the right thing, the club have made Walkers ‘a legacy partner’ in acknowledgement of their 25 year association with the club.
While we are are grateful to King Power for their enthusiastic investment we will continue to call the ground ‘Filbert Way’ for historical reasons.
There may be younger fans for whom the change from ‘Walkers’ is a bit of a wrench, but we are unmoved.


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3 responses to “New Sponsor for Filbert Way

  1. David Mullis

    Still Filbo for me !

  2. Gaf the Horse

    In 1977 when I was 9 my family moved from Leicester to the Isle of Wight. Sadly at this time Walkers crisps weren’t available in the south so whenever family came to visit they paid their way with bags of Walkers. How I looked forward to seeing grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, because they always came bearing bags of spicy tomato snaps.
    I’ve always liked the stadium being called “The Walkers” because it reminds me of this pivotal point in my childhood. I’ll continue to call it this long after King Power have gone bankrupt after Sven has spent all their money on useless players like Yakubu.

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