20 Years of The Fox Summer Special…

It is now twenty years since the first FOX Summer Special was published… and we were all celebrating ‘The Great Escape’…


In the intervening two decades it is fair to say that there have been a few ups and downs following City, and our summer issue has reflected on: Wembley play-off defeats and victories, new managers, a ground move, relegation from the Premiership, relegation from the Championship, promotion from the second and third tiers, League Cup triumphs and qualification for Europe, internal strife, financial meltdowns…. it has never been dull.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary we invite you to send in your Summer Special memories, which will feature in this year’s issue.
Micky Bates wrote: “I remember that front page of the Summer Special ‘If you all hate Speedie clap your hands’ by Colin Hill. After that defeat to Blackburn I was distraught for months so I enlarged it and stuck it in the back window of my XR3 and went on Holiday to Padstow, Didn’t my missus laugh!!”

You can either e-mail them to: garysilke@sky.com
or send them to: The Fox, PO Box No 2, Cosby, Leicester, LE9 1ZZ.
by Wednesday June 29th.


Subscribe to The Fox fanzine for the 2011-12 season and you will receive a free set of four Leicester City postcards…

You can either post this form to the address below, or pay online via Paypal using the blue ‘Fox Subs’ button on the right…


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