FOX 175 – in the Shops Now…

FOX 175 – the April/May issue – is now in the shops…

This issue features: An exclusive interview with Frank McLintock; Panini 86 stickers; your essential small ads; Odd One Out; Fully Programmed; Fox Diary; the latest from the Foxes Trust; Tales From the Riverbank; Rewind to the 1976 Tunnel Rats; the Chris Lymn Column; The Alan Young Scrapbook; Moments; your letters and Bentley’s Roof; and FortySomething…

It’s the most fun you can have for two quid.

Extract from the Frank McLintock interview…

FOX: So you were working even after you were a first team regular? 

FM: Oh yes! I finished work on the Friday and cycled home. I got washed, showered and shaved, I’d just about started shaving by then… cycled down to the ground and put my bike in the garage… got on the first team bus down to London… stayed at the Dorchester Hotel (which was nearly as good as playing at Wembley)… met Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton who had a suite there… played at Wembley the next day against Spurs, but got beaten because Lenny Chalmers got injured… but we really put in a good performance.
Back at the hotel after the game I was dancing with Barbara on the dancefloor when I felt a tap on the shoulder. “Hello son, how would you like to play for a good team?”
Bill Shankly and Ian St John, tapping me up! Asked me to come to Liverpool. He wasn’t as famous as he was to become, he’d just started to get things going at Liverpool and they were a division below us, and we’d just been in the Cup Final, so that was a wee bit cheeky. We had a smashing side at Leicester around that time with Mike Stringfellow, Howard Riley, Davie Gibson (who was brilliant), Graham Cross, Ian King, all round we’d a really good side there. It was just a great experience.
And then back at work on the Monday again!
You can’t see David Beckham doing that now, can you?

FOX: You weren’t a centre-half when you started out, you were an wing-half; what would the equivalent be now?

FM: No, I was in midfield for ten years. I suppose it would have been a bit like a Steven Gerrard role, but I used to try and bomb forward and get into the box when I could. Colin Appleton used to do the same.

FOX: Matt Gillies was known as a bit of an innovator with his midfield, what did that entail?

FM: Well, it was an accident really. I was playing midfield and Graham Cross was playing inside-right in a more attacking role, but I had so much energy I could run all day, so Graham would drop back whenever I went forward. He could have a little rest then, it was called the ‘Switch’. I don’t think anyone applied it or worked it out, it just happened quite naturally because maybe I was a bit impetuous and Graham was happy to slot in behind me. It caused problems for our opponents because people got a bit confused as to who they should be marking. Things were quite rigid in those days with positions and marking and nothing ever changed much. So when anyone did something different it was quite revolutionary.


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