Images of Filbert Street

Many thanks to Simon Brynjolffssen who has sent us these photos of Filbert Street…

“I saw an old link on your blog asking for any pictures of Filbert Street. Attached are some shots I took in July 1988. I basically wandered into the ground as nobody was around except for the groundsman. Inside the old main stand I explored the gymnasium, some sort of board-room and the dressing rooms. Security wasn’t too tight in those days!”


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5 responses to “Images of Filbert Street

  1. Filbo65

    What fantastic pics! From another age…

  2. Nigel Hancock


  3. si

    beautiful pics. went on a tour of the ground once and this brings back some great memories of that – esp that table in the board room…

  4. Melbourne Foxile

    I have very happy memorie sof the old Girl, but those stands do look very shabby don;t they.

    Missed the opportunity to tour the ground pre-Carling Stand when the school my mum was teaching at did one.
    (well I assume I could have muscled my way in to their group if I’d asked)

    I did pop into teh ground form the filbo end and had a look at the new stand being constructed. The guy just said it’s fine so long as I stay off the pitch.

  5. alan young

    Very happy memories…so happy they nearly bring a few tears…….nearly!

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