Mandaric Era Ends on Monday

Reports from Sheffield are claiming that Milan Mandaric has agreed an £8M deal to buy Sheffield Wednesday.

Although a contract has been signed the takeover must be rubber-stamped by the club’s shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting, but no obstacles are foreseen.
A club spokesman for Wednesday issued a statement that will sound familiar to Leicester City fans: “Milan has had to put his hand in his pockets. He’s had tremendous feedback from Wednesday fans since becoming involved and that made him more determined to do the deal.”
Mandaric has agreed a £7M settlement with the Co-operative Bank, who were owed £23M.
If all proceeds as planned Monday night’s derby against Nottingham Forest at the Walkers Stadium will be the 72 year old Serb’s last as City chairman. 
Although financially better off City are in more or less the league position where Manadaric found us four years ago; and a scattergun approach to managerial appointments led to the club being relegated to the third tier for the first time in our history.  
Even when Mandaric eventually stumbled upon the right man, in the form of Nigel Pearson, his relationship with him deteriotated until Pearson was effectively forced out of the club despite reaching the play-offs.
The abiding memory of the man will be that of his double-talk: one day insisting that Paulo Sousa must be given more time and the next day sacking him first thing in the morning. And just recently he claimed that he was in no way involved in talks with Sheffield Wednesday…

Good luck Wednesday… you’ll need it.


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3 responses to “Mandaric Era Ends on Monday

  1. Rawson

    Although it does concern me that we may see a manegerial merry-go-round at Hillsborough in the forecoming years, everyone needs to understand SWFC’s alternatives… administration or even worse liquidation.

    Milan will be welcomed at Hillsborough for the following reasons;

    – Removing the 30million debt monkey from our backs after 15 years.
    – With no future interest to be paid to the banks, which should make us profitable going forward.
    – Consolidation of shares mean future take-overs will not be so complex.
    – Prevention of a firesale of our key players and assets (stadium and training facilities).

    No matter what Milan does at Hillsborough, it cant be any worse than the situation we faced. Also, with Howard Wilkinson on the board, hopefully he will be able to give Alan Irvine the time he needs to get this club back where we belong.

  2. dave stacey

    Well said. Hopefully none of the Mercury hoodwinked masses won’t be regurgitating Lee Hoos brown-nosing drivel in response to your summary. Cheers Milan and here’s hoping you haven’t left us with someone greedier than yourself!

  3. LE9 Fox

    Rawson, I admire your optimism and I truly hope that your experience of the Mad Serb is better than ours. The biggest problem that your club now faces is keeping him out of interfering in things that don’t concern him and letting the football people make football decisions.

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