More Embarrassment for Leicester City

Once again, it appears that those in charge of Health & Safety at the Walkers Stadium are determined to turn our club into a laughing stock.

The following message appeared on Sheffield United’s official site regarding tomorrow’s game. Ridiculous as it might seem it is not a wind up or joke, but a genuine instruction:

“Blades fans intending to support us on Wednesday night should note that – on the instruction of Leicester City – banners of any type are banned from the Walkers Stadium.
Supporters wishing to take flags into the home of the Foxes require a fire certificate to be produced on the day of the match, upon entering the stadium.
In an effort to support Blades fans, United Safety Officer Steve Hicks has offered any fans who need a safety certificate for their flags to bring the flags to the club to be certificated and this information will be passed on to Leicester City.
Any fan who already possesses a fire certificate for their flag can email the certificate and a picture of their flag to for Steve’s attention. He will then forward them to the relevant person at Leicester City.”

This would appear to be the latest sideswipe at the Fosse Boys, who were recently refused entry to the ground with their new flag.

Football – RIP.


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5 responses to “More Embarrassment for Leicester City

  1. foxinspain

    Can’t make it up can you.Does this mean that the clothes fans wear also have to have a fire certificate,this could turn out to be very expensive for all the fans to get certificates for their jeans and flip flops.

  2. SouthNottsFox

    Does my fire certificate which I have to produce at the gate also require a fire certificate for it as it is flammable? If it does where does it end as the fire certificate for the fire certificate for the flag will need a fire certificate ad infinitum!

  3. glynn alan

    what an absolute joke!! pathetic

  4. Dankwater

    The way this has been handled is frankLee Hoosless.

    Who is responsible
    for this soft palmed,
    limp wristed decision? That!
    Is the burning question!

    What kind of shabby, underhand, shifty leach, hides behind legislation in order to spread his insipid influence. He slithers beside you; a glistening slimy tendril probes your pocket, oozing thick greasy lips part, gurgling with satisfaction. Convulsive ripples shimmer along his bloated body as he devours your hard earned cash.
    He sits there, his hand on a pole that will never allow any decoration other than his own self satisfaction, at having deprived loyal blue blooded fans, of their ageless and tribal right to unfurl their heart with pride for the club they dearly love….

  5. FBM

    I should just point out, the Fosse Boys weren’t refused admission with a new flag – it was a flag that had been taken into the ground every match so far this season, wasn’t even on a pole!

    They also tried to take a bag of confetti from one of our number because “we could throw it”.

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