Singing the Blues

The October edition of the Leicestershire Chronicle, the county’s nostalgia and local history monthly, is in the shops now…

Among its many great features such as the Leicester Goth Scene, Jailbreaks and Celebrity School Visits is the concluding part of my ‘History of Leicester City Chants’ article… see if you can spot yourself in the crowd.


“Also around this time Mannfred Mann’s ‘The Mighty Quinn’, previously sung as ‘The Mighty String’ in honour of Mike Stringfellow was now rewritten as ‘the Mighty Finn’ in honour of Jari Rantanen, City’s giant import from Finland.
As the 1980s turned into the 90s, it seemed that ‘PLEAT OUT!’ was the most popular chant at Filbert Street, and when David Pleat left and Gordon Lee set about preserving City’s second division status this was replaced by the ubiquitous and simplistic “BLUE ARMY!” … repeat ad nauseum…

The arrival of Brian Little in 1991 reinvigorated the club and the supporters. Leeds United’s adaption of ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’ – ‘Sergeant Wilko’s King’ was borrowed and provided a rousing anthem during an era when promotion wasn’t such a fanciful idea: 
Up the Football League we go,
When we get promotion,
This is what we’ll sing,
We are the Champions,
We are the Champions,
Brian Little’s King!”

This song lasted through the Mark McGhee, Martin O’Neill and Micky Adams reigns, but none of those names scanned as well as Brian Little…


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One response to “Singing the Blues

  1. Ryan

    it will always be “Brian Little’s King”

    I still sing that now

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