City Off to Phuket

The City squad, accompanied by new manager Sven Goran Eriksson, flew out to their Phuket base yesterday in preparation for Saturday’s game against Thailand in Bangkok…

Also flying out is Eriksson’s newly appointed assistant, Derek Fazackerley, from Huddersfield Town.
Fazackerley is reunited with Eriksson having previously worked with him at Manchester City and was also assistant to Kevin Keegan during Keegan’s time as England manager.
Eriksson defended the decision to take such a long trip on a free weekend: “I think normally it is not good to travel so far in the middle of the season, but on this occasion I think it is very good because of what has happened at the start of the season and because I am new and it will give them a chance to get to know me, and give me a chance to get to know them.”City fans with memories of two raucous trips to La Manga will be hoping for the best…


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3 responses to “City Off to Phuket

  1. LE9_Fox

    Here are some phrases in Swedish that the players may find useful….

    Det er en spel av två halvan – It’s a game of 2 halves

    JAG er över månen – I’m over the moon

    JAG skal drag du bort till halv tid – I’m going to pull you off at half time

  2. Martyn Wilson

    I’m sure one or two of them will find the phrase “I’m going to pull you off for 5000 baht” very useful in Phuket.

    What a bloody circus.

  3. It’s looking good for Leicester if Sven’s history repeats? He took a whole series of low to mid ranking European clubs to top domestic and international honours before creating “England’s golden generation” from the ashes of Euro2000 and setting several all time records for England; including most international points won, fastest rise up FIFA’s rankings and a unique 3 consecutive top qualifying places and all time record of losing ONLY 5 competitive games 2001 – 2006 leading TheFA to list Eriksson as England’s second most successful head coach after Sir Alf. (Anyone seriously doubting the value of the “Eriksson effect” may ponder the “golden generation” crashing out of qualifying for Euro2008 WITHOUT him?) Eriksson went on to engineer Manchester City’s best season in 3 decades equalling the clubs all time record for the most Premier League points and beating Man U twice along the way. (He would have set a new record if his loyal team hadn’t “gone on strike” on the pitch at the tail end of that season in protest at his treatment?) In spite of his few (very vocal) detractors and the bile he attracts from certain media quarters, His ex-players and club chairmen almost universally praise and admire Eriksson, the England team threatened to strike in his support and both the England and Man City official fan organisations launched mass “Save Our Sven” campaigns in an effort to keep him. Not too bad for a quiet, dignified guy who has clearly devoted his whole life to the benefit of football but is mysteriously dubbed a “fraud” or “looser” by some? Eriksson’s return to English football will doubtless make it a little more interesting and time will tell how long it takes him to re-live past success with (and for) Leicester’s Foxes.., unless of course, yet another ungrateful (or media hype influenced, or would be meddling but who’s interference is rejected?) employer dumps him as a “reward” for providing previously un-equalled successes?
    Eriksson’s methods may baffle the pundits and his quite dignity and inscrutability (not to mention this unmarried man’s perpetual success with some of the world’s most beautiful females?) infuriate the tabloid hacks.., but his results would appear to be a bench mark very few can equal?

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