Chants of a Lifetime

We heartily recommend that you check out the new edition of the Leicestershire Chronicle, the county’s nostalgia and local history monthly…

It has features on the Quadrophenia inspired revivalist Mods of the late 70s/early 80s… kissograms… Anstey Lane’s nuclear bunker… the ‘Leicesters’ in action during World War One… Engelbert… the Roman relics found during the excavation work for Highcross… Sigue Sigue Sputnik at the Poly… school photos of your musicals from Kibworth High to Rushey Mead Girls… and an article by yours truly on the origins of football chants and songs at Filbert Street…

It really is the most fun you can have for 65p, available from all good newsagents. 

“…By the mid-sixties football songs were firmly established at Filbert Street, and just about every other ground in the country. At Leicester it was young supporters on the Spion Kop and Pop Side who did the singing, with much of their repertoire devoted to their favourite player Derek Dougan. Either a long drawn out: “DOOOOOOOOOOOG!” when he touched the ball, which sounded like booing to the uninitiated, or an involved tribute after his departure, based on the Stargazers’ ‘I See the Moon’… 

“I see the Doog,
the Doog sees me,
we brought him out of Division Three,
he scored the goals we made him king,
now he’s gone away,
over the Midlands to Molineux,
with Wolverhampton he started anew,
still scoring goals that made him king,
Dougan forever more…” 

Another song from around that time borrowed a tune from an incredibly unlikely source – ‘Cielito Lindo’ was a popular Ranchera song from Mexico, written in 1882 and adapted by City fans to:
“Aye aye aye aye,
Banks is better than Yashin,
Dougan is better than Eusebio,
And Forest are in for a thrashin’ ”



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2 responses to “Chants of a Lifetime

  1. I purchased the Chronicle, great article well done.

    Couple of things, We always used to sing “We Took the Stretford End”
    and “To see the boy’s, the boy’s in royal blue”
    to “Those were the days”

    “Mary Hopkin she must despair!”

  2. foxinspain

    Aye aye aye aye
    Shilton is better than Yashin
    Keith Weller is better than Eusebio
    Frank Worthington we think is smashin.

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