Filbert Street Revisited – In Aid of LOROS

Micky Bates, AKA MickytheHoss on Bentley’s Roof, has turned his exceptional modelling talents to the subject of Filbert Street in order to raise money for LOROS…

This incredible likeness of the old classical entrance on Filbert Street itself is up for auction and you can make a bid here:

This feature originally matched up with a grand tunnel area and was mentioned in Simon Inglis’ ‘Football Grounds of Britain’: “… it’s pomp and style was echoed by a similarly splended turnstile block built at the Filbert Street end, also during the 1920s.”

Micky is currently working on a section of the Double Decker and Spion Kop which will also be auctioned off.
His story, including his battle against a debilitating stroke which left him without the use of one arm, will be told in the Mercury this week. 


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  1. si

    bloody hell, those are amazing!!

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