Shhh… Keep the Noise Down

Hot on the heels of the Alan Birchenall affair, those currently in charge of running of Leicester City Football Club have scored another astonishing own goal.,,

They are now attempting to smother the new Ultras Group ‘The Fosse Boys’ at birth, for the crime of trying to introduce some atmosphere to the deathly quiet Walkers Stadium.
A Fosse Boys representative posted this on the FoxesTalk messageboard yesterday…

“Just a quick update on what’s happening with the group at the moment.
Following on the from the Middlesbrough game LCFC apparently received 25 e-mails regarding the group, of which 3 were in support and 22 were apparently complaints about us being too noisy (remember, the “Kop” is meant to be our home end). As a result we have been issued with an ultimatum, to either move or face ejections/bans.
Obviously we don’t much like this bullying approach and as such we need a short time to resolve this issue. So we have decided that just for the Reading game on Saturday there will be no Fosse Boys section at the back of SK1.
This is obviously a setback to the group’s ambitions but we know if we don’t get our organisation right while the group is still in its infancy we’re doomed to fail, so hopefully people will understand why we’re doing this.
If anybody would like to contact the club in support of us, please e-mail, as they obviously value the electronic word far greater than the dozens and dozens of people in the ground who shook hands with us, complimented us on how good it was to have some vitality and passion at home games and generally wished us well last Saturday…”

We aren’t sure which is the more incredible – that 22 supposed football fans would complain about non-abusive singing at a football match, or that the club would take any notice of such a misguided point of view.
To have heard the 30-odd Fosse Boys you would have to have been in or near the Kop end, the end ‘designated’ for noisier fans in a desperate attempt to try and recreate the atmosphere of Filbert Street.
If you don’t like singing at the football then try the Family Stand, or better still the library or indoor bowls.

The club can now be assured that they have received many more than 22 e-mails in support of a young group of fans who are doing their best in the face of hostility from the club they love, and even sought out a deserted part of the stadium so as not to impose on others. 
Once they have gauged the depth of feeling aroused by yesterday’s stupidity perhaps they could issue an apology to the fans and the person responsible should realise they are so out of touch with the game (and the feelings of their ‘customers’) that they should seek an alternative career.


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10 responses to “Shhh… Keep the Noise Down

  1. It’s quite something isn’t it? Assuming the 22 were not the players I would hope that the club simply relocate the 22 to a more suitable part of the ground or even to the tigers!!!

  2. Barry Grade

    The club made provisions for Jobber, why can’t they make provisions for the Ultras?

    With the way the attendances are going at the moment nationally, and reflectively at LCFC – surely they could designate an area in the ground for the Ultra’s. 1-200 seats would do.

    If they condone a big f’ing drum, can’t they condone the Boys?

  3. Chris

    surely the most sensible approach would be for the club to introduce ‘quiet zones’ for those who do not wish to sing or hear the singing behind then , surely the KOP is where most singing takes places so these zones shouldn’t be along the kop and the section of the east stand next to the away fans , as this is where the best atmosphere seems to be created at the ‘Walkers’ … (Kung Poo ?) stadium .

    we need to get behind our team and not have moaners who would be better off going for a family picnic at beacon hill on a saturday afternoon !

  4. Dave B

    Perhaps the “22” were
    Middlesborough Fans!
    The Walkers has been pretty low in the Atmosphere stakes for some years now, so I say “come on Fosse Boys make some (non abusive) NOISE!”.

  5. Dick

    I don’t understand all this nonesense about needing to create atmosphere. If I get idiots standing & making an awful racket in front of me in SK2 then I’ll be complaining as well. When will people realise that the 70’s have gone. Crowds have become more diverse & trebled in size since the mid 80’s because clubs are businesses & recognise that most supporters want comfort and a ‘kind atmosphere’ not an ‘ultra one’ and having to stand up & strain just to see the game. Well done city…..get them out & make the idiots in the East stand sit down too. It is after all illegal & against the terms of the clubs safety certificate. Frankly….if it continues we deserve to have the certificate revoked and not hold games there.

    • LE9_Fox

      ‘A kind atmosphere’???
      Are you for real? If you want a nice quiet afternoon out then I suggest you go to a cinema, they even turn the lights down for you. Good eh? If we continue to sanitise the game then more folk will stay away. Creating passion and noise is part of the experience and the players respond to it.

    • lcfc_ibra

      then go and sit in the family stand “dick”. You speak of diversity, then why cant we have fans that sing AND boring fans like you. As a young fan id much rather have a buzzing atmosphere than one where i can sit down enjoy my sandwich and watch the game in peace. Ive been to a hamburg game in germany and thought it would be amazing if the atmosphere was like this in england, the passion is being sucked out of the english game thanks to unrationale health and safety legislation. I would personally welcome a standing area in the ground which seems the only way to recreate some of the atmosphere that used to be generated at filbert street.

      I personally think the fosse boys are great for the club, keep it up lads!

    • Dave

      It is NOT illegal to stand up. Presumably you do so when entering end exiting the stadium, and do not crawl in and out of the ground.
      These regulations also state that you cannot bring in a flask, but many of our diverse “customers” seem to do do with impunity.
      These ultra fans were not standing in front of anyone, they were in the deserted corner at the back. They were also trying to support the City, which involves more than just turning up in my humble opinion. Why we have to go from one extreme of people kicking tens bells out of each other, to the one we have now, where singing is frowned upon, and people are denied entry for wearing the wrong type of city scarf is beyond me.

  6. Ian Williamson

    Id expect the kop to be lively and wish they were as loud as when i used to be young .Its embarrasing at the moment.The kop should be like those Vienna fans v Aston Villa last night.Thats how to support a team!

  7. LE18 True Blue

    Good luck to the Ultras – the more noise and atmosphere the better. If people want to sit in peace and quiet then I suggest they a) move seats to another part of the ground or b) take their thermos flask and blanket across Welford Rd to the egg chasers – now theres a sterile atmosphere if ever there was one. Loads more noise, flags and passionate support please. C’mon City !!!!!!

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