Walkers Stadium Name Change

“After December we will change the name of the Leicester Stadium to King Power Stadium.”

This quote has been attibuted to Vichai Raksriaksorn, and would be a natural extension of the recent deal that saw ‘King Power’ replace ‘Upton Steel’ as the main tunnel sponsor.
Although there are several years left on the Walkers stadium sponsorship, which was renegotiated when Milan Mandaric took ownership of the club, it would be inconceivable that a consortium who have declared their intention to spread the name of King Power in the west wouldn’t use this effective method of advertising.



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5 responses to “Walkers Stadium Name Change

  1. Kevin

    disgraceful…tell them to shove their money

  2. Red Roy

    We must start a petition to retain the Walkers name. We can’t allow even more of our identity to be striped away. The club’s a joke, we need to get back to basics.

    • Chippy

      One sponsor changes for another. Part of the Pepsico empire or a Thai duty free company? What’s the difference???
      Unless it changes to Filbert Way it doesn’t mean anything to me either way.

    • LE9_Fox

      Why do we want to retain the Walkers name? They paid naff all for the naming rights and it hardly represents a part of our heritage does it?

      • Red Roy

        Walkers is a name synonymous with Leicester. LCFC, to me, is quickly becoming more synonymous with lands far afield. This is just another example.

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