Burrda. Yes Burrda

City have yet another new kit supplier for the 2010-11 season with Joma being replaced by Burrda one year into a three year contract. They are releasing a new yellow away kit.

What is even more curious is that Burrda will be producing a home shirt exactly the same as last season’s but for their name replacing Joma’s and slight alterations to the 125 Anniversary badge. How many of those are they going to sell?
Burrda are a Swiss company who make kits for Watford and Wolves, as well as the Belgium national team and the Egyptian handball team…
Those City supporters who are desperate for a ‘proper’ kit manufacturer like adidas or Umbro will have to wait a while longer.



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2 responses to “Burrda. Yes Burrda

  1. berwickfox

    I for one am not keen on first impression of seeing it on the web,I do not like collars what’s the point ?
    and i have never been keen on yellow either although i will reserve judgement until later,it don’t exactly jump out at you saying “buy me” does it 2/10

  2. Red Roy

    It looks good on her.

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