Thai Buyers, Nothing in Reserve and Bring Back the Birch

Nigel Pearson will probably be named as Hull City manager today. So we should be asking ourselves what has driven him to decide that Hull City, a club with financial problems of their own in the same division as Leicester, are a better option?

Here are some of the stories doing the rounds, can we make a picture out of the jigsaw pieces?

* Alan Birchenall, the Birch, has been relieved of his duties. He’s been the club’s PR man since 1984 and he is an invaluble backroom member, having a great effect on morale and providing a vital link between the club and the supporters. Whatever he was being paid, it was money well spent. But do you know what? He’ll probably carry on doing it for nothing, because he genuinley loves this club.
The Birch also provided a bridge between Nigel Pearson and Milan Mandaric & Lee Hoos, as their relationship apparently became ever more distant.

* Gerry Taggart recently left for Oldham Athletic to be Paul Dickov’s number two. There are rumours that reserve team football is to be done away with in a cost cutting exercise, leaving Reserve Team Manager Taggart with no job.

* Leicester’s worst kept secret is that a procession of Thai businessmen have been ferried to the ground by taxi. They have had a good look around the place, do they like what they see?
We’re hoping so, because everything is pointing to another dire financial situation at our club.

* Which brings us to our owner and ‘saviour’ Milan Mandaric. Where is he? Is he really in the back of a Land Rover with his binoculars trained on a giraffe as we are told? Or have one of his three charges of cheating the public revenue finally put the wind up him? Will he actually be back? Is anyone in charge? Why has the Official Website made no comment on Pearson’s imminent departure, trying instead to flog tickets for our up coming glamour friendly against Sunderland?

Questions, questions….!

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2 responses to “Thai Buyers, Nothing in Reserve and Bring Back the Birch

  1. webo hull

    you should listen to our supporters as to the goings on of our dear departed manager and chairman.

  2. Brian Langston

    There are indeed far too many questions that the club are not answering, How can Milan allow Pearson to leave to what is (and full respect to Hull), but a smaller club?

    How can you get rid of a reserve side, we need to be in a reserve (competative league).

    Who at the moment gives a damn about pre season friendlies, The club is again in total turmoil.

    New managers names banded about, Coleman, Dowie,Adams,etc etc, give me strenth, these are not managers I want at Leicester, this is not being negative, but Pearson was 2 – 3 players short of a genuine push for automatic promotion, shorely he is not asking for multi millions here,close last year, at the rate we are going, i really do feel the worst again ? ahead of a season, that I belived, with the teams that got relagated, we could really have given ourselves a really good shot at automatic promotion.

    And as for Birch, well if he has gone, then that says it all, about Mandaric and Hoos.

    I was looking forward to August and Palace away, but may now just save my Money ?

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