Is Nigel Pearson On His Way?

There are very strong rumours circulating this evening linking Leicester City boss Nigel Pearson with the vacant Hull City manager’s post.

Sky Sports News have mentioned the story, as well as Ian Stringer on Radio Leicester and it seems to be gaining credence.
Pearson has seemed unwilling to sign an extended contract at Leicester for the last few months, with little financial backing this season, and may be attracted by Hull’s parachute payments after the Humberside’s relegation from the Premier League last season.

A post on the Hull City Online messagboard claims: “100% confirmed, will be announced within the next few days. Not a rumour mill, definite fact. Good appointment in my eyes. Bringing his assistant Shakespeare with him. Good luck to them.”

It would be a blow to lose Pearson, who steered City out of the Third Division in his first season and then made the Championship play-offs in his second… but as we always say – If you don’t want to be at Leicester City, then sod off with our blessing.

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5 responses to “Is Nigel Pearson On His Way?

  1. It would be a devastating blow. He has done wonders for City in his time here but as always all good things must end.

    If he does leave then I don’t blame him, how far could he take us? We must see it as a positive, we are in a better place than when he took over and that’s all we can ask. My only concern would be is why have we given lesser managers money to buy shit with and then a very good manager very little?

    What happens happens but whether he stays or goes there will only ever be “one Nigel Pearson”

    Thanks for what you have done / did for us.

  2. LE9_Fox

    Really didn’t see this one coming. But why Hull?? Things must be bad working under Mandaric at Leicester if he is prepared to leave us for a club in financial meltdown like Hull.

  3. This would be outrageous. How can Hull possibly afford him? I think Adam Pearson has obviously received his parachute payment cheque and thought, “let’s spend it on a player or two and a new manager and worry about the debts at a later date”. Either that or he thinks Nigel has got a cool surname.

  4. si

    i’d be a bit gutted to see him go, and very concerned about who ends up replacing him, given mandaric’s track record with appointing managers…

    i’d be hoping for someone like o’driscoll from donny. the fear is that we’ll end up with a ‘name’ manager like dowie or john barnes though…

  5. O’Driscoll would be a superb choice and deserves his chance. Still baffling that Burnley chose Brian Laws over him.

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