Celtic Making Plans for Nigel?

The Leicester Mercury are claiming that Nigel Pearson is on the Celtic shortlist to fill the managerial hotseat just vacated by Tony Mowbray…

Almost a decade after Celtic tempted Martin O’Neill north of the border, this speculation will come as unwelcome news to City fans on the day Pearson’s side travel to West Brom looking to halt a run of three defeats.
Former City-legend Neil Lennon has taken over duties as caretaker manager at the Glasgow giant. 
The City boss, who has lost just 20 of his 99 games in charge at Leicester, is currently involved in lengthy negotiations over a new contract as City face the vital last six games of the season.



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3 responses to “Celtic Making Plans for Nigel?

  1. David

    With all due respect to Nigel Pearson (and Leicester) Celtic should be looking to to get someone in of proven pedigree and European experience to regain their position in Scotland and Europe. Pearson is still making a name for himself in the game and would be better served getting Leicester to the premiership and trying to stay there. When Celtic came in for MON he had given Leicester two Wembley appearances and finished in the top ten, and was therefore a better bet to take Celtic forward.

  2. Jamabhoy

    Now call me cynical but when I read “currently involved in lengthy negotiations over a new contract as City” I take any link to Celtic with a pinch of salt.

    Does Pearson have an agent? It’s not hard to see the thought process.
    1) Find a team that has taken a successful manager from Leicester in the past?
    2) Are they looking for a new manager?
    3) If not, go back to 1)
    4) Else link your client to the club and scaremonger.
    5) Sign improved contract
    6) Take cash to bank.

    No maybe it’s fair to call me cynical.

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