The Great Leicester City Mystery

Before you read the text below, may I make it clear that I have no idea what the answer is, so on your own head be it. I found this on a A4 sheet of paper that was sent in to The FOX years ago but that’s all there was…

Update: This is a genuine question and we now have the answer… which I’m not going to tell you.

Rodney Fern did it. 

So did Malcolm Manley.

And David Nish.

Jon Sammels did it twice and Brian Alderson did it twice, but Frank Worthington and Keith Weller never did it.

Alan Young did it.

Gary Lineker did it twice and Bobby Smith did it twice.

Wayne Clarke did it and so did his brother.

Ali Mauchlen did it, So did David Kelly and Tommy Wright.

Steve Walsh and Tony James both managed it.

Iwan Roberts never managed it but Marshall, Heskey and Joachim did  and Cottee did it twice.

Ade Akinbiyi never did it.

What was it?



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13 responses to “The Great Leicester City Mystery

  1. Joel

    Captain Leicester city?
    Can’t remember or imagine Joachim or Heskey doing it mind

    • luxparish

      What??…and Leicester’s greatest captain, Keith Weller, never did it….so it can’t be that.

      I’m struggling with this one….”win the old Division Two Championship title”?

  2. thefoxfanzine

    No and no!
    It is fairly straightforward, honest.

  3. Marty

    Sent off playing for leicester

  4. malta fox

    is it how many times they each shagged peter shilton’s missis?

  5. terry

    Must be getting to wembley!

  6. ern tench

    scored from a penalty

  7. Keets

    Scored a hatrick for city?

  8. thefoxfanzine


  9. John Richarson

    Scored an own goal?

  10. alan barrows

    scored in the opening league match of the season

  11. thefoxfanzine

    alan barrows has it!

    They all scored in the opening game of the season.

    Surprising that Worthington and Weller never did…

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