Pompey Crimes

Many City fans will recall one night back in May 1993 when we travelled to Portsmouth for the second leg of our play-off semi final. Thanks to Julian Joachim’s wonder goal in the first leg City were 1-0 up in the tie and a 2-2 draw at Fratton Park secured a trip to Wembley.
Portsmouth fans weren’t happy that City had scraped into the play-offs in 6th place, miles behind them in terms of points. They were still less happy when they failed to reach the final and there were riotous scenes outside Fratton Park that night.
Many City fans were victims of violence that night, with the police unwilling or unable to intervene. Some had their cars turned over, others spent time in hospital.

Seventeen years on there might not be much sympathy for Portsmouth’s current plight among many City fans. 
But, having experienced the pain of administration ourselves we don’t want to see any team go under. Every team has its decent majority of fans, so we wouldn’t wish to see the end of Pompey this week. 
Relegation, perhaps, but not administration or liquidation. 

Good luck Portsmouth.



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4 responses to “Pompey Crimes

  1. Lawrence

    I was at that game and to be honest I can’t remember car’s being turned upside down and people being taken to hospital. I may have just missed it so not dismissing your version, but I guess it wasn’t that bad if I didn’t see it.

    I do remember a bit of bad feeling as Leicester had a rather controversial referring decision in their favour which got them through to Wembley. You know that one that ends up having damning significance? I certainly don’t think it was as bad as it sounds here.

    Since then you’ve been a big of a bogey team against us and it’s fair to say a lot of rivalry has developed. Personally, I’ve not really understood that and remember how friendly you lot were when we visited Filbert Street years back (which we obviously lost).

    Anyway, no club deserves to be on the receiving end of such a collective group of fraudsters.

  2. boilermaker's hump

    Thanks for your good wishes from a long standing Pompey supporter.

    We’ve all aged considerably over the last few months but at least we never get bored 🙂

  3. Southern_Filbert

    I live down on the south coast now and i often remind the Pimpey fans that i work with of Mr Ian Ormondroyds goal that night, a mile off side and well, just ugly really!!!

    There are a lot of messaging/posts flying about wishing pompey dead and whilst i think it is funny to laugh in the face of another clubs failure i wouldnt wish any team out of existence.

    I have a lot of mates down here that are Pimpey fans and for them to go pop means their Saturday afternoon, Wednesday evening pints with family and friends before a game would be no more and that is a sad thing, not something to laugh at.

    Whilst there are a lot of vile football fans out there that probably laughed at us when we were in the shit i don’t see the logic in wishing clubs dead, afterall isn’t rivalry half the fun of following your team?

    That said it would be nice to see Pimpey in the Championship next year, and whilst i don’t want them to “Stay up Pompey” I hope for those good fans and friends that they are there next year to try and compete to get back to the Premier League where we will already be.

    Keep on smiling.

  4. Rob

    I was at Portsmouth all those years ago and can certainly vouch for the rather disturbing behaviour of some Pompey fans. I had rocks chucked at me and ended up hiding in a petrol station to get out of the way of it all. The police did nothing and actually seemed to be enjoying it. I’ve never really been that keen on Portsmouth since.

    That said, I wouldn’t want them to go out of existence either. No club and its fans should be subjected to the madness that’s been happening there this season. Good luck.

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