The Last Paper Storm

Towards the end of the 1991-92 season the paper storm really started to take a hold on City fans.
Every game, as City made it into the play-offs was accompanied by more and more people spending the minutes approaching kick-off tearing paper up into small pieces ready to chuck into the air when the team came out of the tunnel.

This got to the point where this blizzard would get into your eyes and mouth and when you took your clothes off at night there would be bits of paper all over your carpet.
Then chief exec Barrie Pierpoint told supporters to stop it because it was difficult to tidy up and was a fire hazard in the old wooden stand.  
Surprisingly, and a bit shamefully, the City fans obeyed this directive and the paper storm died over night.
Another nail in the coffin of supporters’ spontaneity…



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2 responses to “The Last Paper Storm

  1. A Mate of mine come up with the novel idea of ripping up paper in his lunchtime and filling carrier bags with it, used to stand by the liberty building and flog it for a nicker a bag, Would always sell £20 worth every game. Mind you at that time some City fans would but owt wouldn’t they!

  2. Southern_Filbert

    my dads receptionist use to collect the hole punch, punchy punched bits (don’t know the correct term sorry) and hand them to me in a bag on a friday after school. Some 24 hours later i would launch these into the air in the main stand when the teams came out, most of them landing in the corkscrew perm of the granny who sat in front of us!!!!

    i imagine this was annoying for her but it brought great joy for me

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