FOX 169 On Sale Today – Frank Worthington Interview

FOX 169 – the February/March issue – will be on sale at this afternoon’s game against Scunthorpe, and in the shops early next week.

This issue features: An interview with the legendary Frank Worthington; Soccer Stars 75-76 – the full set of stickers; Fox Covers from History – the 60’s; Fully Programmed; Fox Diary; Pride of the 500; the latest from the Foxes Trust; Tales From the Riverbank; Fox Philosophy; the Chris Lymn Column; The Arthur Rowley Scrapbook; Our Man in a Van; Your letters and Bentley’s Roof and FortySomething… 

Excerpt from the Frank Worthington Interview…

FOX: How did you get on with Jimmy Bloomfield?

FW: Jimmy oozed charisma and class. He’d drive down to the ground and then up to Belvoir Drive in this massive Jaguar.
That came out in the way his team played, we were just about the most watchable team in English football at that time. 

FOX: Leicester were known as a flair side and good to watch, how did that come about?

FW: It was a lot to do with Jimmy. We used to play a lot of five-a-side football in training. It tests your quick thinking in tight situations, and improves your first touch, which is essential. Our first touch was very good, apart from Birch! Weller, Lenny, Jonny Sammels… even the defenders Dennis and Stevie Whitworth.
We loved going in to training at that time and felt on top of the world, it was a joy to be alive sort of club. I’m not exaggerating there, it was really happy days.
Jimmy was the Cool Hand Luke of English football. He never, ever lost his temper. I have played under manager’s who have literally thrown tea cups around the dressing room. Jim Smith at Birmingham was a manager that I really liked a lot, but he really used to lose his rag. One week I think we had lost to Aston Villa in the local derby and he came in and flung this cup right across the room. It smashed on the wall and all the tea went all over Archie Gemmill. Colin Todd turned to me and said: “That the first time the drinks have been on Archie.” 

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