At Home With Tony James

In November 1991 The FOX went to visit Tony James, hero of the Great Escape, who had recently broken his leg in a game against Wolves…

FOX: Did you realise the historical importance of your goal against Oxford on The Great Escape day?

TJ: It didn’t really hit me at first. We were just looking upon it as a game we had to win. But what a feeling when we did! After the game there was a the Supporters Club Player of the Season do and when I was given the trophy it was too much.
After the presentation I went out with Gary Mills and Steve Walsh and their wives for a meal. I got home at 4am but I couldn’t sleep. At 6.30 I was down the paper shop making sure it hadn’t been a dream.
When the fans came on the pitch I could feel the tears starting. The whole terrible, frustrating season rested on that 90 minutes. I just yelled when the ball hit the roof of the net. David Kelly tried to lay claim to it but I knew it was mine. He would have had to have been a contortionist to get it in from where he was. I think he kicked my foot. All we were really bothered about was winning and cancelling out that season. There was a huge amount of pressure on us during that last week and I know th supporters were really nervous as well. I know how much they would have hated seeing their team go down to the third for the first time ever.
We didn’t appreciate the map of the third division that appeared in the Mercury that week either, you don’t need things like that when you are already a bag of nerves. You need to be told that the fans are right behind you, which of course they were. There was a queue for the toilets in our changing room I can tell you…



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5 responses to “At Home With Tony James

  1. Tony

    Great lad Tony James. He came to my wedding. A top bloke who is a true Filbert Street legend!

  2. thefoxfanzine

    Absolutely. A really nice bloke who appreciated his position, having come up from a pub side to League football in a very short space of time.
    Wish I had time to put the whole interview up!

    • Andrea Jones

      Great guy and a very old friend who I haven’t seen for years, would love to know how he’s keeping if anyone knows, it’s Andrea by the way, he’ll know who I am :))

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