Bloomfield Out!

The Jimmy Bloomfield era of the 1970’s is now looked back on as a golden age of attacking and entertaining football, but this pigeon-holing of history belies a more complicated story.
By the 1976-77 season, when this leaflet was given out, there were plenty of disgruntled City supporters about and consistent ‘Bloomfield Out!’ chanting towards the end of the campaign led to Jimmy’s resignation.

Bloomfield arrived at Filbert Street from Orient in the summer of 1971 and set about creating a good footballing side on a generous budget, signing Jon Sammels, Keith Weller and Alan Birchenall. City finished a creditable 12th in their first season back in the top flight. In 1972-73, despite the acqusition of Frank Worthington and Dennis Rofe, City took a step back, finishing 16th.
The next season, 1973-74, saw the same players (only Steve Earle was added) in much better form and they finished 9th and reached the FA Cup semi-final with some superb displays on the way to their meetings with Liverpool at Old Trafford and Villa Park.
1974-75 saw another swing in form with essentially the same players (with Wallington in for Shilton) spending months in the relegation zone before the signings of Jeff Blockley and Chris Garland turned the season round. 18th place was a result.
1975-76 saw City without a win in their first 15 games, but again this was turned round and Bloomfield’s highest ever league placing of 7th was achieved, just short of a place in Europe.
1976-77 saw another poor start, with no wins in the first 7 games, but again City recovered and spent much of the season in 6th place looking good for a spot in Europe. However, their was a feeling that the side was aging and occasional off days (6-2 at home to Birmingham, 5-0 away at Man City and 5-0 at home to West Brom) suggested that all was not well.
City slumped to 11th place at the end of the season and Jimmy resigned soon after the final game.
It was a time that City fans recall with a great deal of fondness, for the characters and the cavalier style of play, but it should not be regarded as a consistently successful era.



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2 responses to “Bloomfield Out!

  1. dave smith

    Its all relative. Had nothing like it since for football

  2. john allen

    you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone……

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